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Alias FBX SDK to support COLLADA enabling 3D developers to easily share content and assets across multiple authoring applications and platforms

Designed for animators working on state-of-the-art feature films, games, television series and commercials, FBX allows most 3D data types to flow effortlessly between different software applications. The Alias FBX SDK is the free, easy-to-use C++ software development toolkit that provides FBX conversion utilities to any 3D software application. The FBX SDK will soon support the COLLADA XML-based digital asset schema. COLLADA was recently adopted as an open-standard initiative by Khronos and is used by game content developers - including those developing art assets for the PLAYSTATION 3 and wireless handheld devices. More than 2,500 content developers will gain support for the COLLADA schema and file exchange with this update to the FBX SDK. Leading 3D products that already support FBX and consequently will support COLLADA include Maya, Softimage, Discreet (inferno, flame, flint) Eovia (Cararra, Amapi, Hexagon) , Cinema 4D, Lightwave 3D, QuickTime, and more.