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AI and Democratized 3D Content Creation

3D Formats Working Group Chair, Daniel Frith explores technological approaches to make 3D content creation easy and accessible for anyone. Using AI, it is possible to create a 3D camera that will significantly contribute to democratizing 3D content creation. Through Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF)-based methods, his company, Avataar, has discovered that they can lay the foundation for high-quality 3D assets using only 2D input images.

NeRF-based 3D asset creation is already helping retailers scale 3D asset creation for e-commerce. At the same time, organizations like The Khronos Group and the Metaverse Standards Forum are actively working to make sure it’s possible to move those assets freely across platforms and hardware. Soon, average consumers may be able to use the same tools they use to make TikTok videos to create and share 3D objects. This will mark a true tipping point for the metaverse: a time when billions of people can not only experience the metaverse but also actively build it.