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Hello Colladanses!

New COLLADA specifications

The COLLADA WG is pleased to announce that COLLADA 1.5 is complete and will be announced at our Siggraph BoF in August along with the newly releases COLLADA 1.4.1 2nd Edition! Expect to see a formal PR for these specifications from shortly.

Join us at the COLLADA Plug Fest on July 22nd and 23rd in Redwood City, CA

Intel will sponsor a COLLADA plug fest to be held at the Hotel Sofitel on July 22/23. More details coming very soon. Please email me if you wish to be on the invite list. The participants who successfully demonstrate working COLLADA implementations will be invited to join Intel in showing off their efforts in the Intel booth, booth theatre or Intel Tech Talk to be held on Tuesday, August 12th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM on the Siggraph show floor. Of course, we also encourage all new COLLADA implementations in progress, or complete, to join us in presenting their work at the Khronos COLLADA BoF at Siggraph. Please note that the overall goal of the plug fest is to bring developers and technical artists together to work on any outstanding COLLADA implementation (and content) issues and for COLLADA experts to share their time and skills with those building COLLADA implementations—so they can be the best they can possibly be!

Speaking of Siggraph…

If you support COLLADA or you will be showing off any COLLADA implementations in your booth, do let Rita know so we can help you to promote your booth. This year, we will not be doing a booth crawl like we did last year, but we may be placing COLLADA support placards (similar to the ones we used last year) in COLLADA supporting exhibits.

Also, see COLLADA in the Intel booth (booth 511) on August 12-14. And, while at the Intel booth, check the booth theatre schedule to find out when the COLLADA related presentations will be held.

  • Join us at the Intel Tech Talk theatre presentation on Tuesday, August 12th, from 4-6PM on the show floor. COLLADA will play a special part in the presentation(s)
  • If you would like an Exhibits only pass, please use the Intel code: “Exhibits Only Code” is “Int2062”. and then choose the Attendee option. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Exhibits Only selection and enter your Exhibits Only Code where specified.

Please join us at the COLLADA BOF Thursday, August 14th at 4:00PM - 6:00PM in the LACC Room 511A. Contact Rita, for more info or if you wish to present at the BoF!

After Siggraph, we will have the COLLADA Summit again this year in Montreal. More details in our next newsletter.

Introducing the new Facebook Group for COLLADA

Please visit the wiki,, and there you will see some updates. Note that we added a new section for "Social Networks" and also under the "Useful COLLADA Links" tab you-ll now find a link to the Facebook COLLADA Group page. The COLLADA Facebook Group can be found here. We hope you will join us there for interesting COLLADA tidbits and hopefully some good COLLADA discussions!  Rita posts on the Facebook page frequently, and we hope you will add your own voice there as well!

See you all at Siggraph!

By Rita Turkowski, COLLADA WG Marketing Chair

Siggraph Luncheon :: The Palm :: with Jon Peddie

Block out your calendar now. Jon Peddie Research is going to hold another industry acclaimed panel discussion on computer graphics. This is a press “by invite only” event. Lunch will be served and you will have the opportunity for one-on-one interviews with the leading pixarti of the industry. These are Jon’s buddies and not many people get to talk to them. The discussion will be rich, unlike anything else at the conference, and you will be a party to it. We’ll start with the What’s next in CG (and discuss the controversy and merits of raytracing vs. rasterization) and end up with the collision of expensive simulation systems and game engines - the democrazation of VizSim.

We’ve rented a banquet room at the Palm, two blocks away from the convention center. It’s a cool place, but there is limited capacity so it will be on a first come first served basis. We’ll start at 12:00 noon and wrap up by 2:00pm.

We’ll have some cool take-aways for you too. A poster on the history of 3D, some white papers on pixel metrics, a glossary on some of the gobbledygook, some samples of reports, and of course whatever backgrounder and/or quotes you can use.