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COLLADA Updates - August 4th 2008

Khronos Group Releases the COLLADA 1.5.0 Specification with New Automation, Kinematics, and Geospatial Functionality!

The release of COLLADA 1.5 is important as it contains new functionality that enables completely new market segments to use COLLADA, as well as enabling wider use of the standard in traditional content-creation markets.

The expanded functionality includes B-reps (boundary representations) and kinematics for CAD, automation, and interactive entertainment applications, and georeferencing of geospatial assets for GIS and mapping software.  Many authoring packages have now added support for importing and exporting COLLADA assets, including Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max and Maya, Crytek, Daimler Automation, Google’s SketchUp, Harris Broadcast, and virtual world applications including Vivaty and SceneCaster. 

Khronos has also released the COLLADA 1.4.1 2nd Edition specification and is planning a Conformance suite for COLLADA 1.4 for release in 2008.  The new COLLADA specifications are publicly available at

“As more and more applications support COLLADA, the world of 3D content is becoming more open and accessible,” said Mark Limber, SketchUp product manager at Google.  “Google is pleased to participate in and support this important effort.”

COLLADA is the only true open format that facilitates 3D data interchange, said Marc Stevens, general manager of Softimage, and vice president of AVID Technology, Inc. “The latest release adds many features, including a referenced texture archive and support for real-time shaders—exemplifying how COLLADA is leading the way in open workflows.”

Khronos invites you to the COLLADA BOF Thursday, August 14th at 4:00-6:00PM

This year’s COLLADA BOF (Birds of a Feather) offers an exciting array of speakers who will talk about their work in gaming and visualization, demonstrate some cool new content creation tools, and even show COLLADA used for communicating with 3D digital printers for the first time! Expect to hear almost a dozen presenters at the Siggraph COLLADA BOF in LACC Room #511A.

Sign up for the COLLADA BOF

COLLADA events are all over SIGGRAPH 2008! Check ‘em out:

Saturday August 9th  - Watch Bruno Patatas from Biodroid Entertainment again deliver the highly-regarded COLLADA for the Web tutorial at Web3D2008 on Saturday, August 9th from 11-12:30. More information here.

Sunday August 10th  - Hear Remi Arnaud on a panel about “The Future of Web3D” at Web3D2008 on Sunday August 10th from 1:30-3:00. Remi will discuss the value of an open content interchange format (COLLADA) for use in virtual world asset sharing. More information here.

Monday-Thursday August 11-14 – Intel’s booth #511 hosts demos from Luxology, Maxon’s Cinema4D, Smith Micro’s Poser and Google’s SketchUp for interoperable content demonstrations using COLLADA.  

Tuesday, August 12th at 12:30pm – Hear Remi Arnaud give a brief update on COLLADA 1.5 at the Intel in-booth theatre #511.  

Tuesday, August 12th from 3:30-5:30pm – Attend the Intel Tech Talk on applying game technology and standard content pipeline (COLLADA) solutions in the non-gaming industries.  Hear about the role COLLADA plays in the 3D content pipeline solutions of those using gaming technology in non-gaming fields.

Wednesday, August 13th at 1:30pm - Wei Sun of the Intel game engine team will deliver a presentation, "Pathfinding with COLLADA" for game development at the Intel in-booth theatre #511.  

Reporting a Successful First “Annual Intel COLLADA Plug Fest” 

July 24th, 2008  - At the first annual Intel-sponsored “COLLADA Plug Fest,” Intel chose new implementations of popular Digital Content Creation tools to demonstrate COLLADA at the intell booth at Siggraph 2008:  Maxon’s Cinema4D, Smith Micro’s Poser and Google’s SketchUp.  All attendees expressed real satisfaction with the technical depth of the event, the great software support offered by experienced COLLADA developers, and the synergy and effectiveness of working together as a group.

To quote Tony Arciuolo, Intel GET team representative at the event: "This was awesome, especially from a “getting ready for Siggraph” perspective. I think most who would come to plugfest are already sold, so no speeches needed. And those that did come to see what COLLADA was all about saw a lot of companies actually working to make it happen. And getting success there and then. That was a pretty powerful message”

It was gratifying to see experienced COLLADA developers from Sony, Intel, NVIDIA, Softimage and NetAllied and many more, assisting developers of nascent COLLADA implementations from Forterra, DAZ3D, Naughty Dog Productions, Avatar Reality and Sun Microsystems.  Everyone was pleased with the progress made, and more than a few developers said "we should do this more often!"

Attend the Second “Montreal COLLADA Summit” – September 26th 2008

On September 26th  in Montreal we will host our Second Annual COLLADA Summit (immediately following the “Members Only” Khronos development meetings held there). If you are interested in demonstrating your COLLADA implementation or presenting a product update or a brief tutorial of your work, please contact Rita Turkowski, Details on the venue and time coming in the next newsletter.

Hope to see you in sunny Los Angeles in August and in Montreal in September!!

Warm regards,

Rita Turkowski
Graphics Software Marketing Manager
Visual Computing Software Division
Intel Corporation