Supercomputing 2017

Khronos at SC 17
November 13-16, 2017
Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado
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Join Khronos at Supercomputing for a look at how SYCL, SPIR, OpenCL, and Vulkan are playing their parts in HPC today.

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Visit the Khronos Booth #394

We have a lot going on in the Khronos booth! Drop by and meet some of the people from the Khronos working groups who can answer your technical questions about Khronos and its standards: SYCL, OpenCL, and more.

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We're giving away more than a place to sit and interesting talk about our favorite technologies. Get your free HPC t-shirt and SYSCL and OpenCL stickers and reference guides at the Khronos booth.

Free Beer in the Booth on Wednesday

Khronos Beer Sponsor - Xilinx

Join us in the booth on Wed., Nov 15 starting at 4pm for beer, soft drinks, and conversation, courtesy of Xilinx. Served while it lasts.

Demos and Presentations in the Booth #394

Visit the Khronos booth to see demos and presentations from Khronos members Codeplay and Xilinx about SYCL, their work with C++ and FPGAs, and more. We will have the following presentations in the booth:

Tuesday, November 14

11 – noon

C++ ParallelSTL from CPU to GPU with Khronos SYCL

3 – 4pm

Compare Khronos OpenCL and HSA

Wednesday, November 15

11 – noon

Overview of SYCL/ComputeCPP Heterogeneous C++ Language

3 – 4pm

Single-source SYCL C++ on Xilinx FPGA

4 – 5pm

TensorFlow SYCL and OpenCL interoperability mode on Xilinx FPGA

5 – 6pm

Single-source SYCL C++ on Xilinx FPGA

Khronos-related Schedule

Exhibitor Forum: Khronos SYCL: Tomorrow’s Heterogeneous C++ and C Today
 November 14
4:30 – 5:00pm
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Presented by:
Michael Wong, Codeplay Software Ltd

This talk will demonstrate how SYCL can be used today to support your exascale C++ effort, leading to ISO-ready C++ code that can support numerical computations on any compute node+gpu combinations, while staying with the current and future C++ standard direction for executors and heterogeneous computing.

BOF: Distributed and Heterogeneous Programming in C++ for HPC
November 15th
12:15 – 1:15pm
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Session Leaders:
Michael Wong, Codeplay Software Ltd
Hal Finkel, Argonne National Library

In response to the HPC requirements from CORAL/SUMMIT to achieve exascale performance, we will discuss the programming models that support heterogeneous programming in C and C++ and future standardization work toward that exascale goal. We will discuss research in this domain and consolidate usage experience with the aim of passing that experience to ISO C and C++.

There are a number of C++ frameworks for parallel programming, including HPX, KoKKos, Raja, C++AMP, HCC, Boost.Compute, CUDA, and more. SYCL from Khronos provides heterogeneous computing built on OpenCL and C++, and Codeplay has released ComputeCpp Community Edition.

Khronos Members and Associates Exhibiting


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