Open CL Training at Colfax International

This event is now over

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Khronos Event
May 4, 2010
Colfax International, 750 Palomar Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

Your Trainer

Allen Ly - AMD Senior Application Engineer


  • Introduction to OpenCL Programming
  • Lecture: History of GPGPU
    • What is GPGPU
    • Heterogeneous Computing
  • Lecture: Intro to OpenCL
    • Benefits of OpenCL
    • OpenCL architecture
  • Hands-On: Getting started with OpenCL
    • Installing ATI Stream SDK
    • First OpenCL application
  • Lecture: OpenCL API in Detail
    • Resource Setup
    • Kernel Building and Execution
  • Hands-On: OpenCL case study
  • Lecture: Optimization and Porting