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Cambridge UK Khronos Media Acceleration Forum

This event is now over

We've collected some of the more interesting items from this event for you:


Khronos Media Acceleration Forum - Full Day Event

Takeaway: Insight into the need for an embedded media ecosystem and how Khronos open standards meet that need

Intended audience: Developers, content providers, carriers and device OEMs interested in bringing compelling content to handhelds

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Time Presenter Session Title Description
8.30-9.00 ALL Registration & Greet Guests Greet guests and setup logistics
9.00-10.15 Neil Trevett, NVIDIA Building the Khronos Mobile Media Ecosystem Executive overview of Khronos its open standard initiatives including OpenKODE - interspersed with short demos from members 
10.15-10.45 ALL Coffee Break All sessions on break - we have a small demo table in the common area
10.45-11.20 Tom Olson, Texas Instruments OpenGL ES - The Power Behind Mobile 3D Non-technical introduction to OpenGL ES: what it is, why it’s important, how it’s defined, where it is in the marketplace and the roadmap
11.20-11.55 Kristof Beets, Imagination Technologies Working With Hardware Accelerated OpenVG A technical overview of OpenVG including a guided tour of the API, possible usage cases and development resources
11:55-12.30 Nathan Charles, Creative OpenSL ES - changing the face of mobile audio A marketing introduction and brief technical overview of the emerging OpenSL ES advanced audio standard
12.30-13.30 ALL Lunch All sessions on break - we have a small demo table in the common area
13.30-14.10 Tom Olson, Texas Instruments Introduction to OpenGL ES A technical overview of OpenGL ES 1.1, including a guided tour of the API, capabilities, and recommended programming techniques. Includes a peek at the forthcoming OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, which brings programmable shader capability to mobile devices.
14.10-14.45 TBD OpenMAX - multi-level video and streaming media A technical overview of OpenMAX DL, IL and AL and how they will enable multi-vendor video and streaming media acceleration
14.45-15.15 ALL Coffee Break All sessions on break - we have a small demo table in the common area
15.15-15.45 Ed Plowman, ARM System-Level Dynamics of Programmable Acceleration How shader programmability with OpenGL ES 2.0 can dramatically boost overall system level performance
15.45-16.30 Phil Atkin, NVIDIA High-performance 3D graphics coding for handheld devices Tutorial walk-throughs with numerous live demos illustrating the results of the simple but effective techniques described

Directions to Kaetsu Center