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Machine Learning Fragmentation Is Slowing Us Down: NNEF The Khronos Solution

• Tags: NNEF Machine Learning Neural Networks

The Khronos Group NNEF Working Group Chair Peter McGuinness discusses fragmentation in the Machine Learning field. Machine learning capabilities are being added to everything from social media platforms, IoT devices and cameras to robots and cars. The pace of innovation is leading to fragmentation, and one potential consequence of that fragmentation is a risk of stalling. A universal transfer standard for neural networks will cut down time wasted on transfer and translation and provide a comprehensive, extensible and well-supported solution that all parts of the ecosystem can depend on. The Neural Network Exchange Format is one of two standards currently being developed to satisfy this need. Learn more about NNEF and how it aims to solve this issue.

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“APIs for Accelerating Vision and Inferencing: Options and Trade-offs,” a Presentation from Khronos

• Tags: Video Vision

For the full version of this video, along with hundreds of others on various embedded vision topics, please visit the Embedded Vision website.

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Using Compute Post-Processing in Vulkan on Mali

• Tags: Vulkan Blog

Arm Community blog has a new post on using compute post-processing in Vulkan on Mali. This blog post outlines how you can use two Vulkan queues with different priorities to enable optimal scheduling for compute post-processing workloads.

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GL-Z 0.4.0 released for Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board

• Tags: GPU windows Vulkan OpenGL raspberry pi macOS Linux

GL-Z is an OpenGL and Vulkan information utility for Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board. GL-Z 0.4.0, based on GeeXLab, has been released with the following new features: OpenGL memory usage for GeForce and Radeon GPUs on Windows and Linux; Vulkan API information for each Vulkan-capable device and more.

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LunarG updates spirv-opt white paper

• Tags: whitepaper SPIR-V

LunarG has updated its white paper that describes using spirv-opt to reduce SPIR-V size. New discussions include using spirv-opt to “legalize” SPIR-V when generated from HLSL; SPIR-V integration with the glslang and dxc frontends; description of new size reduction passes available in spirv-opt; and updates to the recommended recipe for those who wish to customize their optimization.

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Vulkan for Qt on macOS

• Tags: Vulkan macOS MoltenVK

The QtBase dev branch, which will become Qt 5.12, now has experimental Vulkan support, courtesy of MoltenVK and prior work in Qt. When the MoltenVK Vulkan to Metal translation library was open sourced earlier this year, this opened the question of how to make this work with Qt. Check out the Qt blog to learn how support for MoltenVK was accomplished.

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X-Plane Flight Simulator Is Making Progress On Vulkan Support

• Tags: Vulkan OpenGL phoronix Games

The X-Plane cross-platform flight simulator has been depending upon OpenGL for nearly two decades since the program first came into existence, but a port of its rendering engine to use the Vulkan API has been a work-in-progress. It looks like their Vulkan support is getting squared away as the company has tweeted this weekend they will be talking about Vulkan integration this weekend at the Flight Sim Expo in Las Vegas.

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Video: Vulkanised 2018 now online

• Tags: Video Vulkan

Complete video from the Vulkanised 2018 in Cambridge UK is now online. If you were not able to get to the May event, you may now watch the seven Vulkan sessions online.

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PPSSPP emulator now uses Vulkan by default

• Tags: Vulkan OpenGL

The Vulkan backend for the PSP emulator (PPSSPP) is now the default where available. The OpenGL backend has been properly multithreaded and now runs faster on dual-core devices.

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Initial Vulkan Performance On macOS With Dota 2 Is Looking Very Good

• Tags: Vulkan benchmarks phoronix macOS MoltenVK DOTA2

Yesterday Valve released Vulkan support for Dota 2 on macOS. Indeed, this first major game relying upon MoltenVK for mapping Vulkan over the Apple Metal drivers is delivering performance gains. Phoronix has started to post some benchmarks.

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