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Neil Trevett to speak at upcoming shows in January

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Neil Trevett, President of The Khronos™ Group will be talking at two upcoming shows in California this month. The first is The 8th Intelligent System Summit & TEEC Cup Startup Contest on January 14th. Neil will be giving a keynote on 'Khronos International Standards in China'. The second is the Khronos Embedded Industry Outreach Event in Taipei. The third event is the 2017 Casual Connect in Anaheim California. Here Neil will be talking about 'Open Standards for Cross-Platform Gaming, Virtual & Augmented Reality'. Be sure to check out the complete list of upcoming events discussing Khronos Standards.

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Creating animated glTF Characters with Mixamo and Blender

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Recently Khronos posted a guest blog 'Art Pipeline for glTF' by Patrick Ryan from Microsoft. This covered getting started with authoring content to glTF. A little more in-depth is a post by Don McCurdy on 'Creating animated glTF Characters with Mixamo and Blender'. The post walks the reader through their workflow using Blender, Mixamo to rig, animate, and export a character to glTF.

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New Optimized OpenGL/Graphics Math (glm) for C - feedback requested

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There is a new optimized OpenGL/Graphics Math for C. The original glm library is for C++ only (templates, namespaces, classes...). This new library is targeted to C99 but currently you can use it for C89 safely by language extensions. Almost all functions (inline versions) and parameters are documented inside related headers. Complete documentation is in progress. Feedback is welcome on the OpenGL forums.

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Khronos Announces Taipei Outreach Event to the Embedded Industry

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The Khronos Group is holding an outreach event in Taipei to update the Taiwanese embedded industry on the latest developments in open standards for parallel computation, vision acceleration and neural network processing. The event will be held at the Taipei Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel on Friday January 19th, admission is free.

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Blog: Art Pipeline for glTF

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Authoring content for a new file format can be exciting, liberating, and at the same time scary. To be the most efficient and avoid frustration, it helps to understand the format's requirements. To help achieve this, Patrick Ryan from Microsoft has created a walk through following several paths for authoring content in the glTF format as well as outlining specific settings to maximize your success. Patrick touches on both free and commercial software packages to ensure everyone has a path into glTF. Let's get going... check out this glTF how-to.

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A Standard Attempts to Cut Through Thicket of Neural Network Hardware

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Electronic Design has posted an overview around the latest NNEF 1.0 release and comparing ONNX and NNEF. "Khronos began talking about the possibility of a standard to reduce the threat of fragmentation about three months before it was officially announced in October 2016. The concept came from Khronos member AImotive, an automotive start-up trying to sell an entire software stack for autonomous driving as well as the custom chips to run it."

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Looking to learn something new this year?

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Are you interested in learning more about a Khronos Standard? Perhaps OpenCL FPGA development is on your to-do list. Khronos has a fairly extensive page of online and onsite training locations that cover Khronos Standards. Stop waiting and start learning.

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CTA Alliance Reception at CES 2018

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CTA Members join the Khronos Group at the CTA Alliance reception at CES 2018 to network with technology consortia between 5 and 7 PM Pacific on Friday January 10, 2018. Neil Trevett, Khronos President, will be there to talk about the latest initiatives at Khronos and to provide information about Khronos Membership. Add to calendar!

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Khronos Group welcomes Pico Technology Co. Ltd. as our newest Contributor Member

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The Khronos Group is proud to announce that Pico Technology has joined as a Contributor Member. With operations in the China, United States, Europe, and Japan, Pico develops innovative VR solutions which enable our users to experience the best in VR entertainment, including Games, Videos and Interactive CGI experiences.Founded in 2015, Pico has over 300 team members around the world.

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Call for Participation: glTF Creating a Compressed Texture Extension

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As part of the ongoing work to ensure glTF meets the needs of the developer community the Khronos 3D Formats working group is working on a new glTF compression extension. The goal is to greatly improve transmission efficiency of texture assets while providing efficient, cross-platform transcoding into a wide range of GPU hardware-accelerated texture formats. There are many ways to get involved in helping glTF evolve to meet your needs. If your company wants a seat at the 3D Formats Working group, you are welcome to join Khronos. Also, anyone is welcome to follow, and contribute to, technical discussions on the public glTF GitHub repo. Learn more about this call for participation.

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