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3D Web Fest at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco - June 30th

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The third annual 3D Web Fest showcases top 3D web artworks with live presentations by their artists in a film festival setting. The 3D Web Fest is presented by the art and tech communities to illustrate the 3D capabilities of the web. Experience the most innovative commercial, non-commercial, experimental or game-based projects made with WebGL, WebAudio, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Three.js, and VR. Rub shoulders with thought leaders, influencers and creators in 3D Web. Admission includes complimentary drinks at pre-event reception. All proceeds benefit non-profit organizationCODAME ART + TECH.

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VRguy podcast Episode 23: Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group

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Neil and Yuval Boger (VRguy) talk about VR/AR standards, overlapping standards organizations and what’s the best way for companies to get involved. There is also a complete transcript of the podcast. In Neil's own words "...the key thing to realize about the Khronos Group, if people haven’t come across Khronos before, is that it’s an open organization. So, any company is welcome to join."

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New Synopsys EV6x Vision processor offers OpenVX and OpenCL supported SDK

• Tags: OpenCL OpenVX

Synopsys announced that it has enhanced the convolutional neural network (CNN) engine in its DesignWare EV6x Vision Processors to address the increasing video resolution and frame rate requirements of high-performance embedded vision applications. To simplify software application development, the EV6x processors are supported by a comprehensive suite of tools and software. Combined with software development tools based on OpenVX, OpenCV and OpenCL C embedded vision standards, the MetaWare EV Development Toolkit offers a full suite of tools needed to accelerate embedded software development.

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CryEngine to add Vulkan renderer support in v5.4 update

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Following on from the renderer refactoring and DirectX 12 implementation, the CryEngine team has been hard at work implementing a Vulkan renderer. The Vulkan Renderer is not functional yet, but is available in Github for feedback.

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iMac (27-inch) Benchmarks with OpenCL

• Tags: GPU OpenCL

Apple announced several updates to the Mac lineup earlier this month at WWDC. Geekbench 4, which includes a new GPU Compute Benchmark that measures the performance of GPUs at performing compute tasks, shows that GPU performance with OpenCL has improved considerably with an increase of up to 80% when compared to the equivalent 2015 model. If you’re interested in how your computer compares you can download Geekbench 4. Find the complete benchmark results on the Geekbench website.

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The OpenVX Presentation from Cadence at Embedded Vision Summit

• Tags: OpenVX

Frank Brill, Design Engineering Director at Cadence and Chairperson of the Khronos Group's OpenVX Working Group, presents the "OpenVX Computer Vision Library Standard for Portable, Efficient Code" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

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AMD’s GPUOpen Posts New Vulkan Memory Allocator

• Tags: Vulkan phoronix

AMD's GPUOpen initiative has posted a number of Vulkan open-source projects over time, with their latest open-source project is a Vulkan Memory Allocator. The VulkanMemoryAllocator is designed as a "easy to integrate Vulkan memory allocation library." Learn more about this project on Phoronix.

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BLOG: Vulkan Multipass

• Tags: Vulkan

Vulkan Multipass was one of the talks at the Khronos Developer Day at GDC’17. The below is a blog summarizing the content of the presentation.

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Qt Blog: Vulkan Support in Qt 5.10 – Part 2

• Tags: Vulkan

In the previous instalment Qt looked at the background for Qt 5.10’s upcoming Vulkan support. This next instalment starts digging out into the details.

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OpenCL to Vulkan A Porting Guide part one and two

• Tags: Vulkan OpenCL


Duskborn Labs has just released part II of their OpenCL to Vulkan porting guide. Part I covers cl_platform_id -> VkInstance, cl_device_id -> VkPhysicalDevice and cl_context -> VkDevice. Part II covers porting from OpenCL’s cl_command_queue to Vulkan’s VkQueue.

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