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Microsoft Announces Simplygon Cloud with glTF support

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Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Simplygon, a leader in 3D model optimization based in southern Sweden. Today,Microsoft announces the launch of Simplygon Cloud on Azure Marketplace. Simplygon reduces complexity in the creation and extensibility of 3D models through optimization. Simplygon supports glTF, FBX and OBJ file types for ingestion; rendering engines including Unity 3D and Unreal Engine; and all major mixed reality platforms, including Windows Mixed Reality, iOS and Android.

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Penn graphics students final project presentations today

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Join Patrick Cozzi and his Penn graphics students final project presentations in a live stream December 11th at 5pm EST. There will be 19 4-minute presentations in total. Topics include rendering clouds, terrain, ocean, forests, weather, VR, voxels, ray marching, and more. A complete list of projects can be found online here.

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The Khronos Group Releases Finalized SYCL 1.2.1

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The Khronos Group announces the ratification and public release of the finalized SYCL 1.2.1 specification. SYCL for OpenCL enables code for heterogeneous processors to be written in a “single-source” style using completely standard modern C++. The multi-vendor SYCL 1.2.1 standard is available royalty-free for industry use, and the full specification together with details about the SYCL open-sourced conformance test suite and Adopters Program are online.

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Khronos meet-ups this December

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The first two Khronos meet-ups coming up will both be in London. First up is the Khronos UK Game Dev Social on December 7th: "Meet developers working on Vulkan within Arm, Google, Imagination, Samsung and many more! Share your experiences with others in the graphics & game tech industries." The second is a Khronos London Chapter meet-up on December 12th: Come and hear speakers from Away3D, Arm, KDB, Unity and Intel talking about Vulkan, SPIR-V, OpenCL and of course WebGL. Back in the US on December 13th is the Khronos Boston Chapter meet-up covering the latet on Khronos APIs. Finally over in Sydney Australia will be the Khronos Sydney Chapter meet-up "Graphics XMAS Meeting in Pub (Art + Science + Design + Engineering)." All events require registration.

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Khronos London Chapter Christmas meet-up bash

• Tags: WebGL Chapters london workshop

The Khronos London Chapter is holding a Christmas Extravaganza with a great line up of speakers and lots of door prizes. Speakers included from Away3D, ARM, KDAB, Unity and Intel. Food and drink will be served. Space is limited to 60 people and the event is already half full. Register today!

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Vulkan 1.0.66 spec update has been published with three new extensions

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The Khronos Group Vulkan API v1.0.66 has been published on Github. This latest update includes three new extensions: VK_EXT_external_memory_host, VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf and VK_EXT_queue_family_foreign. Several bugs published in the public Github issues tracker have been resolved as well as some internal issues.

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NNEF from Khronos will enable universal interoperability for machine learning developers and implementers

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The Khronos Group is about to release a new standard method of moving trained neural networks among frameworks, and between frameworks and inference engines. The new standard is the Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF™); it has been in design for over a year and will be available to the public by the end of 2017. Learn more about NNEF and the upcoming released in the Khronos blog post.

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SC17: Distributed and Heterogeneous Programming in C++ for HPC - Ask your question online

• Tags: BOF OpenCL supercomputing Event SYCL

Michael Wong from Codeplay Software and Hal Finkel from Argonne National Library have opened up the 'Distributed and Heterogeneous Programming in C++ for HPC' BOF to questions from the internet. If you have a related question you would like to ask, please post it here.

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The Khronos Group Ecosystem Expands in China

• Tags: Conformance China

The Khronos Group has reached a cooperative agreement with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), part of the Chinese National Research and Development Program. Under this agreement, CAICT and Khronos will work together to encourage and enable local Chinese companies to adopt Khronos international standards and benefit from becoming officially conformant.

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Intel Launches Windows Mixed Reality Graphics Driver with Vulkan and OpenCL improvements

• Tags: OpenCL Vulkan

Intel has announced the availability of a new Graphics driver, namely version, which adds support for Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators update features. This update also resolves the intermittent crashes/hangs encountered in DOTA 2 (Vulkan version), enhances memory usage in OpenCL applications.

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