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Interview with Neil Trevett Part II from RedGaming now online

• Tags: Vulkan VR Gaming

RedGamingTech recently posted Part I of an interview with Neil Trevett - 'CUDA, AI, Self Driving Cars, GameWorks & Deep Learning', President of The Khronos Group. Part II 'Vulkan, Game Development & VR & Graphics Technology' of the interview is now online.

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Khronos Standards at Arm TechCon October 23-26

• Tags: OpenCL OpenGL NNEF

Khronos Group will be represented at this years Arm Technology Conference with OpenCL, OpenGL and NNEF. Complete details of the Khronos Standards are available on the Khronos event page.

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NVIDIA Linux Graphics Debugger 2.2 released

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Linux Graphics Debugger is a 3D graphics development tool that allows developers to debug and profile OpenGL 4.x on Linux. NVIDIA® Linux Graphics Debugger version 2 is now available with many new features and improvements.

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Managed Virtual Pointers with SYCL

• Tags: SYCL C++

A new Codeplay post we presents a utility to facilitate the integration of SYCL into existing codebases that are not C++11 friendly. If your application uses malloc and frees for allocation, or has some existing CUDA®-based memory management, the "Legacy Pointer" and/or the "Managed Virtual Pointer" utilities can help you to integrate your code with SYCL.

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Immersed 2017 coming to Toronto next week, October 19

• Tags: augmented reality VR AR

Immersed is the East Coast event for industry and professionals working with technologies like virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, and more. Taking place October 19-21, 2017 at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada, Immersed features a who's who line-up of speakers from Intel, HP, Nvidia, The Khronos Group, Google, IBM, Lytro, FORREC, Groupe Média TFO, Space Channel, Tom's Hardware and many more.

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Bringing Galaxy on Fire 3 to Vulkan: What We Have Learned

• Tags: Vulkan

Gamasutra has added another segment to their Vulkan series. This entry part three of a series of blog posts on the experience with bringing Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore to Vulkan.

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Khronos glTF-Validator now available via npm

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The Khronos Group has add gltf-validator to NPM. Validation is performed against the glTF 2.0 specification, and installing it is as simple as running: npm install gltf-validator. Learn more about the gltf-validator and view the source on Github.

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Neil Trevett speaking at 2017 ISMAR in France

• Tags: glTF WebGL Event OpenXR

Neil Trevett will be speak about Khronos Standards for AR at the 2017 ISMAR conference in Nantes France this week. Learn more about this talkbeing held as part of the Workshop on Standards for Mixed and Augmented Reality at the ISMAR conference.

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radv: a conformant Vulkan driver under

• Tags: Conformance Vulkan

If you take a look at the conformant vulkan list, you will see entry 220 - Software in the Public Interest, Inc. 2017-10-04 Vulkan_1_0 220. This is radv, and this is the first conformance submission done under the (SPI) membership of the Khronos adopter program. A major milestone has been reached and radv is now a conformant Vulkan driver.

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glTF working group looking for feedback on Draco mesh compression bitstream and extension specs

• Tags: glTF feedback

The glTF working group is asking the public for feedback on the Draco mesh compression bitstream and glTF extension spec. The goal is to finalize the extension for ratification by October 22nd.

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