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Stardock announces Vulkan support for Ashes of the Singularity

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On the "Ashes of the Singularity" forums, Stardock has announced Vulkan support is mostly complete, coming in June. "However, it won't be until June before it's released as there is a ton of compatibility and optimization work to be done given the game's popularity as a benchmarking tool for high end graphics." Linux support is still up in the air.

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Blender 2.79 Is Bringing Performance Improvements, Better OpenCL

• Tags: OpenCL phoronix

With Blender 2.79, OpenCL support has improved and should be closer to parity with Blender's CUDA capabilities. The OpenCL Cycles renderer has shorter render times by up to 50% in some cases, tiles are now seen updating while rendering, support for SSS and volume rendering, optimized transparent shadows, and various fixes.

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Second International Blend4Web Conference in May 2017

• Tags: WebGL


Come to Moscow and visit the second International Blend4Web Conference on May 6! Blend4Web is a tool for creating 3D Web applications using Blender and WebGL/HTML5. We would love to have you attend and for those who are interested to present your company and projects. Read more and register online.

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AMD reveals Radeon Vega’s final name, infuses Bethesda games with Vulkan

• Tags: Vulkan Gaming

AMD’s deal with Bethesda spans multiple games across a range of series. The crux is primarily to implement Vulkan as well as “the computing and graphics power of AMD Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs.”

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Intel moving from beta to full official support for Vulkan on Windows going forward

• Tags: windows Vulkan

Intel announces that they are moving from beta support to full official support for the Vulkan API (version on Windows going forward.

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CroTeam Serious Sam Fusion includes Vulkan support for all recent games

• Tags: Vulkan Gaming CroTeam


In a recent blog post, Croteam announced 'Serious Sam Fusion 2017' is the label the team has given to a large update that will be hitting all of its recent games. All games starting at Serious Sam 3 will be playable on SteamOS, Linux, and macOS. Croteam is also removing DirectX 9 support in favour of the Vulkan API.

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Shaderific now with support for Conway’s Game of Life

• Tags: OpenGL ES


Shaderific version 4.1 is now available. Shaderific is an educational app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that makes it possible to write, compile and test OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 shader programs directly on any iOS device. Version 4.1 adds full support for iOS 10. Furthermore, the release includes a new shader for Conway's Game of Life that demonstrates the use of the newly introduced custom uniforms. The cell size can be determinded and shadow effects can be enabled to provide a variety of beautiful rendering options. To provide full flexibilty to the user Shaderifc now supports importing Game of Life patterns in the form of text files. The patterns are automatically converted to textures that can be used as start configurations.

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Unity 5.6 Beta now available with Vulkan support

• Tags: 3D Vulkan

Unity 5.6 beta uses Vulkan to take the graphics performance to the next level, and at final release, Vulkan will run on Android, Windows, Linux, and Tizen. Unity has seen a rendering performance improvement out-of-the box up to 60% using Unity – that is without having to deal with any specifics of the Vulkan API.

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Feral Interactive announces Vulkan port plans

• Tags: Vulkan

Feral Interactive announced on Twitch plans to release software running on the Vulkan API in the first half of 2017

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Khronos member Maxon announces cross-platform GPU rendering collaboration with AMD

• Tags: OpenCL

MAXON announced they have reached a licensing agreement for the use of AMD’s Radeon ProRender technology in MAXON’s Cinema 4D application. Radeon ProRender’s physically-based GPU rendering engine is built on platform-agnostic OpenCL architecture and will provide outstanding performance on both macOS and Windows. Written using OpenCL, Radeon ProRender can run on virtually any hardware. Radeon ProRender also provides a CPU backend which means Radeon ProRender can run on GPU, CPU, or a combination of multiple disparate GPUs.

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