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Diligent Engine v2.4.e is out: Vulkan on Android and C API

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Diligent Engine is a modern cross-platform low-level graphics library and rendering framework. In a recent release, Diligent Engine enabled support of Vulkan on Android to bring the full power of next-gen APIs to mobile platforms. It also added long-requested C API to better suit the needs of graphics software developers. Diligent Engine is free software and its full source code is available on GitHub.

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Leadwerks Software announces glTF support in upcoming engine

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Leadwerks Software has announced version 5 of their 3D engine will rely on glTF as its main 3D model format. According to the company, the readability of glTF files, its widespread adoption, the well-defined PBR material system, and the availability of game-ready models in glTF format all influenced the decision to move away from custom file formats. glTF will function as a mechanism for getting content into the new engine, but will also serve as the final runtime format for published games, eliminating any conversion step in the new art pipeline. The company is advising partners to begin learning the glTF art pipeline for their 3D modeling package in preparation for the new software.

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Flax Engine supports Linux with Vulkan

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The developers of the Flax Engine announce that Linux support with Vulkan is coming. This includes high-performant Vulkan rendering and high-DPI monitor support.
Game developers can deploy their games to support desktop gaming on Linux or use special build options to run a game in the cloud for multiplayer and streaming purposes.

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bgfx now supports Vulkan

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bgfx popular open source cross-platform rendering library adds Vulkan renderer backend. Vulkan renderer backend will be bgfx’ default renderer on Linux, and it can be used on all supported platforms including MacOS via MoltenVK emulation.

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Real-time interactive simulations of large-scale heart arrhythmias using WebGL

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In a recent article of Science Advances, we introduced a WebGL library Abubu.js that makes easier to program and create high-performance simulation of cardiac dynamics and other large-scale systems like fluid flow and crystal growth. Making these kind of simulations and studies accessible to virtually anyone with a modest computer. For cardiac dynamics, this approach will allow not only scientists and students but also physicians to use physiologically accurate modeling and simulation tools that are interactive in real time, thereby making diagnostics, research, and education available to a broader audience and pushing the boundaries of cardiac science.

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Magnum engine 2019.01 released with tweakable constants and ImGui integration

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The MIT-licensed C++11 graphics/game engine Magnum has a new version, packing WebGL-enabled and HiDPI-aware ImGui integration, tweakable constants for live coding, improved Vulkan interoperability and compilation time optimizations.

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COMSOL Multiphysics Supports glTF File Export for 3D Simulation Results

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The latest release of COMSOL Multiphysics, version 5.4, includes a new postprocessing feature: the ability to export 3D simulation results plots as GL Transmission Format (glTF) files. 3D results can be exported in just a few clicks and by specifying a file path and name. glTF files are then ready to be opened in any applicable graphics tool or third-party graphics viewer so that you can display and manipulate the 3D results — and even superimpose them on a customized background! Learn more about how to export your 3D simulation results as glTF files and share them via viewers in this post on the COMSOL.

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Vulkan Education Survey!

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The Khronos Group is trying to better understand how the community have learnt or is learning to use the Vulkan API. We’d like to gather insight on which resources are most or least useful as well as candid feedback on how we handle Vulkan education in general across a variety of areas. The survey takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes. We hope that you can find the time to complete this short survey, the results of this survey will be used to improve our overall Vulkan education offering as part of a major update to Vulkan web resources next year.

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Magnum 2018.10 released with animation, web glTF player and Vulkan interoperability

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The MIT-licensed C++11/C++14 engine Magnum released a new version with six months worth of changes. It has a new animation framework and provides initial Vulkan interoperability enabling users to take advantage of Magnum asset management pipeline for developing Vulkan applications. It also ships with both a native and a drag&drop web app that can play back complex glTF scene animations.

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LPGPU2 Consortium announces tool-suite with profiling for SYCL

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European Union-funded researchers have today released a tool suite which enables developers to deliver longer battery life in mobile devices, while ensuring high quality and performance. The LPGPU2 tool-suite helps programmers develop power-efficient code for GPUs by identifying bottlenecks relating to performance (for example in terms of frames-per-second) and power (for example in terms of energy per instruction). The LPGPU2 tool suite has benefited from the expertise of a range of academic and industrial partners including Khronos members Samsung, who designed and implemented the data collection frameworks and feedback engine; Think Silicon validated it on their four-core NEMA GPU system and Codeplay extended AMD’s CodeXL tool, allowing programmers to profile their SYCL applications. Download the tool suite from the GitHub repository.

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