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PowerVR MBX enabled OpenGL-ES 1.1 and OpenVG demos at GDC Booth 1632

Imagination Technologies will be showing a host of OepnGL ES demonstrations at GDC in San Jose, CA, March 22nd-24th 2006. Demonstrations include:

  • Scaleform VGx technology enabling accelerated Flash content
  • Accelerated OpenVG User Interface, navigation, SVG and gaming content
  • "Vijay Singh Pro Golf 2005" from Gameloft on Sony Ericsson P990
  • "Bling my Ride" the latest racing game from Bling Games by Lagardere Active on TI OMAP2420
  • "Whiptail Mobile Engine" from Barking Lizards on TI OMAP2420
  • "3DMarkMobile06" from Futuremark on Freescale iMX31 Development System
  • "Virtual Pompeii" from SpinVector on Dell Axim X50v / X51v
  • The Code Monkeys’ extreme sport game "Jump" on Dell Axim X50v / X51v
  • Pulse Interactive’s "QuakeMobile" and Expansion Packs on Dell Axim X50v / X51v
  • "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Pocket PC Edition" from Aspyr Media on Dell Axim X50v / X51v
  • The latest 3D games content on SKTeletech IM-8300
  • HI Corporation's JAVA 3D content inc. "Everybody’s Golf" on FOMA 902 phones
  • PowerVR demos on Renesas SH-Mobile3 Development System

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NVIDIA GoForce 5500 handheld GPU offers console class 3D gaming using OpenGL ES

The new NVIDIA GoForce 5500 handheld GPU offers console class 3D gaming using OpenGL ES and NVIDIA Pixel Shading Extensions delivering up to 2.6M triangles/second and 200M pixels/second and rendering up to 1024 X 768 screens. It also supports high-quality digital TV ( H.264, WMV9 and MPEG-4 video up to D1 resolution1 at 30 fps) , surround sound, hi-res photography, and low power consumption. Mobile phones with the 5500 GPU are expected by the end of 2006.

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Imagination Technologies’ partners to show OpenGL ES-accelerated mobile devices and applications at 3GSM 2006

Imagination Technologies will showcase the latest applications processors and development systems from its licensing partners, new OEM handsets using those application processors, and advanced multimedia content enabled by its PowerVR graphics and video cores at the 3GSM World Congress 2006 in Barcelona, Spain February 13-16. The list or participants is a virtual who's who of mobile technology and games, including: Freescale, Intel, Renesas, Samsung, SKTelecom, Sony Ericsson, TI, Futuremark, HI Corp, TAT, Superscape, Esmertec, Dell, and Asphyr Media. The OpenGL ES-accelerated PowerVR MBX, delivers massive triangle and fill rates along with full 3D features such as skinning, FSAA, curved surfaces, per-pixel lighting and texture compression. PowerVR SGX delivers scalable and fully programmable shader graphics (OpenGL 2.0) and video functionality.

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Imagination Technologies benchmarks 37 fps in 3DMarkMobile06 for OpenGL ES 1.1 running on OMAP2420 processor with PowerVR MBX

Imagination Technologies has released 3DMarkMobile06 benchmark results, under both Linux and Symbian operating systems with OpenGL ES 1.1, using the Texas Instruments OMAP2420 application processor, with PowerVR MBX running at 50/66 MHz (Symbian/Linux) and the CPU (ARM 1136) running at 300/266 MHz (Symbian/Linux). Measured system performance exceeds 37 frames per second on Game Test 1 for both OSs. 3DMarkMobile06 is designed specifically to benchmark system-level performance of next generation OpenGL ES 1.0 and 1.1 enabled mobile devices. The Game Tests in 3DMarkMobile06 are designed to stress mobile system hardware to the maximum, going several steps ahead of the current generation of mobile games.

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ATI Imageon 2380 and 2388 handheld processors offer 3D graphics with OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack as well as audio and video functionality

ATI has announced a complete audio and visual solution for handheld devices: the Imageon 2380 and Imageon 2388. The processors offer end users an enriched multimedia and gaming experience by leading the industry with the implementation of OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack. OpenGL ES 1.1 + Extension Pack allows game developers and content creators to bring more realistic detail in environments, lighting and objects, while maintaining a high level of interactivity. By alleviating a significant amount of work being done by the main processor, the new Imageon processors can efficiently produce 3D visual effects and drive animation with quality previously unattainable on a cell phone. The flexible and programmable audio engine enable positional 3D sound, CD-quality ring-tones and music phones with high-quality stereo recording and playback. The video engine enables a mobile digital camcorder/player and supports advanced features such as video-telephony and video-streaming.

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Mobex3D 3D engine supports OpenGL ES hardware acceleration

Mobex3D is a general purpose 3D framework for Pocket PCs, SmartPhones, PCs, Workstations and embedded devices. It's primary driver takes advantage of OpenGL ES 1.1 hardware acceleration support for multitexturing, lightmapping, realtime bumpmapping (on GPU devices) support for Nearest, Bilinear, Trilinear and Anisotropic texture filtering support for per Face, and per Vertex and per Pixel Lighting. It is OpenGL ES 2.0 ready for next generation hardware. On the desktop is takes advantage of OpenGL 2.0.

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New Dell X51v handheld supports OpenGL ES using PowerVR MBX

The new high-end Dell Axim X51v handheld running Windows Mobile 5.0 uses a Intel 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory. The multimedia accelerator incorporates the PowerVR MBX IP core with support for OpenGL ES 1.0. The PowerVR MBX OpenGL ES SDKs include documentation, source code, demos and tools that allows developers to create applications using the OpenGL ES 1.0 API.

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Mali Video Series IP Cores offer high quality video, H.264 encode/decode and a simple upgrade to OpenGL ES-accelerated 2D/3D graphics

Falanx Microsystems has added the Mali Video Series Configuration to their line of smart pixel processing cores. It addresses the needs of mobile phone and handheld device manufacturers who want immediate access to high frame rate video capture and playback but also want the option to include rich OpenGL ES-based 3D gaming capabilities in future models. The Mali pixel processors and geometry processing core accelerate video encoding and decoding up to 30 frames per second and handle motion estimation, motion compensation, video scaling, image differencing and color-space conversion tasks. As with all Falanx graphics accelerator cores, the Mali cores include a complete out of the box software stack that is pre-verified to support OpenGL ES. In related news, Falanx submitted the Mali 110 to the OpenGL ES 1.1 conformance process.

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GIGA Game Platform offer developers OpenGL ES accelerated hardware for mobile devices (920 KB ppt)

At the 2005 Mobilepphone Conference & Exhibit, SKTelekom detailed their plans for GIGA class 4. GIGA (Graphic Instruction Graphic Acceleration) is SK Telecom’s game platform standard to provide linkage between OpenGL ES H/W acceleration and the WIPI platform for mobile handsets. In addition it also enables premium sound systems like MP3, and AAC+, vibration solutions, and gravity sensing. The core GIGA API eases the development process of games, while OpenGL ES 1.0 Common-Lite, 2D API, Math, Util functions provides high performance. Cellular phones designed for GIGA platform are to be powered by ATI's IMAGEON 2300 series multimedia processor. Because of the dedicated OpenGL ES hardware 3D acceleration in the IMAGEON processor, users of GIGA service will experience on cellular handsets the similar visual quality and 3D gaming performance they have had on PCs and game console. High Level 3D engines that support GIGA and OpenGL ES include Fathammer, HI, Reakosys, Gomid, and Superscape. The PowerPoint of the presentation is available for download.

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