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Mobile Media Developer podcast #1: OpenKODE

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The Khronos Group has launched the first episode in the Mobile Media Developer podcast series. In this new series, the developers behind the industry standards for 3D, 2D, video and audio for mobile devices describe how the new technologies work and how they can be used by developers, carriers and manufacturers to create applications for mobile phone, handhelds and game consoles.

The first podcast previews the new OpenKODE APIs. OpenKODE provides functionally similar to DirectX on the desktop, except it is cross-platform, royalty-free and streamlined for handheld devices. The goal of OpenKODE is to make it easier for developers (and carriers) to deploy rich media applications on mobile phones, by providing system abstraction so that develoeprs don’t have to worry about the underlying handset hardware or OS. It also offers state-of-the-art media acceleration technologies as well as access to operating system resources, input devices and displays.

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DVS’ OpenML-savvy Centaurus board supports 64-bit processor architecture under 64 bit Linux

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DVS's Centaurus OEM video I/O board combines the technology of DVS' SDStationOEM and HDStationOEM. The new release supports AMD64 and Intel EM64T processor architecture under the 64 bit Linux. The 64 bit support greatly increases processing speeds, offering manufacturers of digital video solutions significantly more performance for their products. Based on PCI-X bus architecture, Centaurus supports all video formats from standard definition, PAL and NTSC, through high definition to full 2K film resolution. Centaurus supports the OpenML API and DVS' SDK.

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