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OpenMAX IL integration technical whitepapers for Gstreamer, MS Directshow Filters, and Sybiam Media Device Framework

Three new OpenMAX IL 1.0 technical whitepapers describe:

  • How OpenMAX IL can be used in the Linux GStreamer framework to enable access to multimedia components, including HW acceleration on platforms that provide it.
  • How the Microsoft DirectShow Filter interface may be translated to the OpenMAX IL base profile interface for integration with Windows Mobile Enabled devices with a pull and a push communication model.
  • How OpenMAX IL codecs can be used within the Symbian Media Device Framework to enable access to multimedia acceleration on Symbian OS Devices.

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Sample implementation of a base-profile OpenMax IL component

The OpenMAX working group has posted source code for an sample implementation of a base-profile OpenMax IL component. Although it passed OpenMax conformance tests at the time of publication, this code does not mandate how OpenMax should be implemented; it is simply one example of how OpenMax may be implemented. It is available as a .c text file for download.

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NVIDIA to demonstrate OpenMAX IL implementation for streaming MPEG-4, accelerated on an NVIDIA GoForce 3D handheld GPU

NVIDIA will demonstrate the first public example of the new OpenMAX IL standard at the Lunch at Piero's press event Jan 5 and 6 at CES. The demonstration will show a prototype OpenMAX IL implementation executing on an NVIDIA GoForce 3D handheld graphics processing unit (GPU) to create a flexible, accelerated streaming media pipeline to input, decode, and display an MPEG-4 video stream with fully synchronized audio at full frame rate—an industry first. Through using OpenMAX IL, different codecs may be easily inserted into the pipeline, or the configuration of the processing pipeline can be easily changed with full media component and codec interoperability.

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SKY-MAP 2.0 mobile software platform supports OpenMAX for advanced wireless multimedia services

SKY-MAP 2.0 integrates wireless middleware and multimedia engines to provide a comprehensive mobile software platform - enabling advanced wireless multimedia services such as IMS, streaming web content, video messaging, digital TV, and much more. SKY-MAP is supporting the newly released OpenMAX IL in its SKY-MMF Multimedia Framework to maximize the portability of SKY’s software platforms across the complete range of mobile hardware, codecs, chipsets, and operating systems. SKY-MMF enables creation, editing, streaming, and sharing of multimedia with nearly any wireless mobile device that has multimedia potential.

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OpenMAX IL 1.0 released:  standardized integration of codecs into embedded media frameworks

Khronos publicly released the royalty-free OpenMAX™ IL 1.0 specification that defines media component interfaces to enable the rapid integration of accelerated codecs into streaming media frameworks on embedded devices. The OpenMAX IL (Integration Layer) API defines a standardized media component interface to enable developers and platform providers to integrate and communicate with multimedia codecs implemented in hardware or software. Read Release.

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