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New Vulkan Benchmark test for Android

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The 3DMark benchmark app for Android smartphones and tablets now includes a Vulkan benchmark test. Games typically make thousands of draw calls per frame, but each one creates performance-limiting overhead for the CPU. Vulkan reduces that overhead, which means games and apps can draw more objects, textures, and effects to the screen to create richer, more immersive experiences. You can now compare scores from Android devices using OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan with scores from Apple iOS devices using Metal.

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WebAssembly support in Magnum OpenGL graphics engine

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The open source C++11/C++14 and OpenGL graphics engine Magnum recently added first-class WebAssembly support. An article on the official blog explains how to easily compile your C++ projects to WebAssembly, compares it to asm.js and mentions a few useful tips for best online experience. Last but not least, there's a bunch of online demos that use both WebGL 1 and 2, showing how a single codebase can be run both natively and in the browser.

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Developer Guide: Vulkan and OpenGL ES: ARM Mali application developer best practices

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The ARM Mali application developer best practices guide targets an expert developer audience, going through a list of “do's” and “don'ts” when using Vulkan API and OpenGL ES on ARM Mali.

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NoesisGUI v2.0 Released

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NoesisGUI, our multiplatform game UI middleware reached v2.0. The library is now renderer agnostic. We provide a reference OpenGL implementation. Vulkan coming soon. NoesisGUI is also now free for indies!

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Basemark Launches Rocksolid–Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES rendering solution

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Basemark launches Rocksolid, a high performance and high availability graphics rendering solution for industrial applications. With Rocksolid, customers can achieve typically 2X to 3X performance increases for their existing applications. In some cases, up to 10X performance increases have been attained. Cross-Platform and Graphics API Agnostic, Rocksolid runs on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS and uses any one of Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX or Metal.

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Android Authority talks about the challenges facing mobile VR, OpenGL ES and OpenXR

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Android Authority does a deep dive into the virtual reality revolution with hardware and software products aplenty on the market, and resources pouring in to spur on innovations. The ten minutes read touches on OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenXR.

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OpenGL, OpenGL ES & Vulkan Tools Survey Results

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Recently the developer ecosystem team at Samsung conducted a survey to elicit responses from developers on the tools that they are using currently on various platforms (desktop and mobile) and across APIs. The results are now posted online.

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Google introduces GAPID: Graphics API Debugger, OpenGL ES and Vulkan debugger

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GAPID is a collection of tools that allows you to inspect, tweak and replay calls from an application to a graphics driver. GAPID is still in development but already can be used to debug many Android OpenGL ES and Vulkan applications.

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Building Mali Graphics Debugger support for Unity3D apps, developed with OpenGL ES and using Vulkan

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ARM blog post on Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) integration in Unity. Covering MGD support for Unity applications developed with OpenGL ES and Vulkan.

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Around the world this March - Six Chapter Meetups

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Khronos Chapters are very busy this month with a total of six meetups around the world. Meetups are taking place this March in Milano, Oslo, Cluj Romania, London, Prague and Boston. Check out the details of each meetup and join one for an educational and fun look at Khronos Technology. No Chapter near you? Find out how you can start your own Chapter.

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