Maher, Kathleen - Vice President; Editor-in-Chief, Tech Watch


Kathleen Maher has worked as an analyst and journalist in technical fields for more than ten years. In addition she has been a founding editor for several publications including the Austin Chronicle, a successful politics and entertainment magazine which has won several awards and has launched the careers of many notable writers in the fields of political journalism, entertainment, and fiction. In addition Maher helped launch Interactivity, a monthly multimedixa magazine that defined the need for informational resources for creative professionals. She was Editor-in-Chief of Cadence Magazine, the award winning resource for CAD users. Formerly, Maher was the Editor-in-Chief of The Peddie Report, one of the most respected insider reports published today. She is the author of several well received reports including the DVD Study and the regular Quarterly Report and a frequent contributor to several publications including Communication Arts. Return to speaker page