Moles, Jeff - GM - North America & South Korea, Antix Labs


Jeff is a veteran of the mobile and wireless industry, credited with nineteen US patents in various areas of wireless and mobile technology. Prior to joining Antix, Jeff was the Director of Technology and Business Development at Tao Group. While at Samsung Telecommunications America Jeff co-led a nearly fifty-person team of in-house employees and outsourced contractors to develop the world’s first combined CDMA+GSM “Worldphone” on a proprietary platform still shipping in many Samsung feature phones today. In his early career, Jeff advanced through the engineering ranks at Motorola where he gained a broad base of technical expertise in the design of digital hardware, ASICs, regulatory and voluntary compliance, and system architecture for CDMA and GSM infrastructure equipment. He holds a BSEE from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MSEE from National Technological University. Return to speaker page