Perey, Christine - Spime Wrangler,


Christine Perey began in the domain of rich media communications over 20 years ago, initially in the area of dynamic media technologies on personal computers; she founded, was the editor and publisher of the QuickTime Forum, a publication for QuickTime developers 1991-1993. When enterprise and wide area networks emerged as a means of distributing rich media created and consumed on personal computing devices, she expanded to provide a variety of services to the companies in the rich media communications industry, and, for over a decade, advocated for the daily use of videoconferencing and streaming media in enterprise.

As consultant and analyst, Perey is an active leader of new mobile industry initiatives, once again with the priority on dynamic, rich media. Perey is co-founder of Mobile Monday Switzerland, Swiss Augmented Reality meetup group and the Community for AR Standards She organizes and conducts Mobile AR Summits and meetings of the advocates for standards in AR around the world in conjunction with major industry conferences and for her clients.

PEREY Research & Consulting studies and advises vendors, application providers, research institutes and network operators on the design, launch and operation of a range of mobile augmented reality and user-generated content services. The company prepares analyses, develops reports and coordinates the establishment of new business relationships designed to accelerate the expansion of multimedia and media-rich communities on mobile and converged networks.

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