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ETRI Chromium WebCL implementation

Khronos Group contributor member ETRI has published a WebCL implementation for the Chromium web browser on Github. You can find this and many other resources on the official WebCL resources page. Read More

OpenCL training in Sunnyvale, CA and and Toronto Canada

Khronos Member AJ Guillon, a contributor to OpenCL, and creator of a popular YouTube training series, has announced paid OpenCL training in Sunnyvale, CA and Toronto, Canada. Training will take place July 19 – 21 in Toronto, and July 26 – 28 in Sunnyvale. An optional review day to help you brush up on background is offered July 18 and July 25. Sign up early for a discount Read More

Qualcomm Vulkan Tutorials on Youtube

Qualcomm has released the 5th part of their Vulkan Tutorials on Youtube. This video gives developers details on the steps involved to render a triangle in Vulkan. Learn more about Vulkan and the Adreno SDK Read More

SPIR-V is a better SPIR with Intel OpenCL Code Builder

In this short tutorial Intel gives you a brief introduction to Khronos SPIR-V, touches on the differences between a SPIR-V binary and a SPIR binary, and demonstrates a couple of ways of creating SPIR-V binaries using tools shipped with the latest Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications and ways of consuming SPIR-V binaries in your OpenCL program. Read More

Samsung Brings Vulkan and Enhanced Mobile Gaming Experience to E3 2016

Samsung Electronics invites game enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy an immersive on-site gaming experience at E3, one of the largest game events in the world. One demo will be the Vulkan API Game Experience with the Galaxy S7 equipped with the Vulkan API that enables game developers to deliver amazing graphics and a high-quality gaming experience. Get the chance to play the first games leveraging the technology, Need for Speed™ No Limits, HIT and Vainglory. Read More

The Vision API Maze: Options and Trade-offs

Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group, presents the "Vision API Maze: Options and Trade-offs" video tutorial, (free registration required) at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit. In this presentation, Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group standards organization, updates the landscape of APIs for vision software development, explaining where each one fits in the development flow. Neil also highlights where these APIs overlap and where they complement each other, and previews some of the latest developments in these APIs. Read More

Linux gaming is poised for a boost with new hardware, Vulkan graphics

Hardware upgrades, including faster GPUs and CPUs, are poised to improve Linux gaming. The latest gaming titles will come to Linux much faster with Vulkan, a graphics technology that should drive gaming forward on the OS. Many games are written using the Unity Engine from Unity Technologies, which is looking to add Vulkan support in the future. The Unreal Engine, another gaming development platform, already supports Vulkan. Read More

ISC High Performance offers OpenCL talks

ISC High Performance event in Frankfurt Germany during June 19-23, 2016 will offer some OpenCL talks. A complete schedule of OpenCL talks is available on the ISC event page. Read More

Video and slides now available from Vulkan DevDay UK 2016

The Khronos UK Chapter held their 3rd Vulkan Developer event which took a longer and deeper dive in programming 3D graphics using the Vulkan API. The video and slides from this event are now online. Read More

Microsoft Open-Sources Their WebGL Implementation

Microsoft has open-sourced a small portion of their Edge web browser. This is the part that binds OpenGL ES 2.0 functionality, implemented atop Direct3D in Edge, to JavaScript for websites to directly interact with the user's GPU. The code is available on Github. Read More

Two new videos in the Intel SDK for OpenCL tutorial series

Debugging with Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications: This video demonstrate how to use Intel SDK for OpenCL API debugger to debug your application’s host code and how to use Intel SDK for OpenCL CPU Kernel Debugger to debug your OpenCL kernels. Performance Analysis with Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications: This video demonstrate how to use Intel SDK for OpenCL analysis tools to identify performance bottlenecks in the host API calls and optimize the kernel code to get better utilization and reduce the latency on Intel® Processor Graphics. Read More

Basemark Web 3.0 Launches

Basemark, the developer of industry-standard benchmarks for performance and power consumption analysis, today launches Basemark Web 3.0 browser benchmarking tool. With the new tool, Basemark extends support from mobile devices and VR to all connected devices that run a modern web browser, such as laptops and desktop PCs. Read More

OpenVX Webinar: June 17th

Learn more about this performance and power-optimized computer vision processing API directly from Khronos, the people who created it. In this 1-hour session, we will talk about the OpenVX API and will answer your questions. Read More

Slide presentation from the Moving to Vulkan DevDay now online

If you were not in Cambridge England on May 26th and missed the "Moving to Vulkan" DevDay sponsored by ARM, you can now view the slides online. We will be posting video of the speakers within the next few days. Read More

NASA’s WebGL Project Won a Webby Award!

NASA’s WebGL Project Won a Webby Award!

It seems though the story of Experience Curiosity, a WebGL/Blend4Web-powered simulator developed by NASA, is not quite over. This interactive web application featuring the famous Mars rover won the highly prestigious Webby Award (aka Internet Oscar) granted to the most exemplary online projects of the year. Read More

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