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OpenMAX multimedia framework explained and illustrated

Fakhir Ansari of Mentor graphics has written an article explaining and illustrating how the new Multimedia framework OpenMAX works and fits into your workflow. The OpenMAX cross-platform API enables accelerated multimedia components from different software vendors to be developed, integrated, and programmed across multiple operating systems and silicon platforms. The OpenMAX standard is made up of three levels, OpenMAX AL (Application Level), OpenMAX IL (Integration Level ) and OpenMAX DL (Development Level). OpenMAX is defined by The Khronos Group and is a new standard, but has already been embraced by several companies. Read More

Web3D 2008 Symposium call for papers deadline extended to April 21st has announced a deadline extension for a call for papers to the 13th International Symposium on 3D Web Technology. The annual Web3D Symposium is a major event, which unites researchers, developers, experimenters, and content creators in a dynamic learning environment. Attendees share and explore methods of using, enhancing, or creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies, such as (but not limited to) X3D, VRML, COLLADA, Croquet, MPEG4, MPEG7, Java3D, and Canvas3D. The symposium will also focus on recent trends such as interactive 3D graphics and applications on mobile devices. Authors are invited to submit their work (short or full papers) for review by the international Program Committee. Both research and applications papers are of interest to Web3D 2008. The papers must be innovative and contribute to the advancement of 3D Multimedia technologies on the Web. For more information please visit the Web3D 2008 Symposium call for papers home page now. Read More

Ideaworks3D announces Airplay SDK 3.5 supports Nokia N-Gage as an OpenKODE 1.0 platform (PDF)

Ideaworks3D Ltd, developer of the cross-platform Airplay™ native execution environment, today announced that Airplay SDK 3.5 fully supports Nokia’s new N-Gage gaming platform. Designed to reduce cost and speed deployment across multiple software environments and hardware architectures, Airplay is a cross-platform portability technology that delivers binary compatible native code across ARM-based mobile devices. The resulting application can be deployed to all supported operating systems and devices without further porting or any requirement for additional graphics rendering engines on the handset. Airplay already supports all open native operating systems in the market today, including BREW, Symbian OS (Series60 and UIQ3), Windows Mobile and Linux. Now developers and publishers can deploy to Nokia’s flagship N-Gage service using the same game source code and even the same application binary. Read More

IMSI/Design Ships Green TurboCAD Deluxe v15 with COLLADA export support

IMSI/Design(tm) announced the availability of TurboCAD(r) Deluxe Version 15. New in this version is Collada (DAE) File Export Support. TurboCAD Deluxe is the recognized leader in CAD for home professionals and hobbyists. Read More

Ideaworks3D Announces Airplay-brings OpenKODE to Feature Phone Handsets

Ideaworks3D, a leading developer of native mobile technology and applications, today announced that its Airplay(TM) native execution environment has been optimised for Texas Instruments’ OMAP-Vox(TM) single-chip multimedia platform, and declared conformant with Khronos OpenKODE(TM) 1.0. Read More

gDEBugger V4.0 Adds Linux Support and a Buffers Viewer

Gremedy, makers of gDEBugger V4.0 introduces gDEBugger Linux. This new exciting product adds 32bit and 64bit Linux Support, bringing all of gDEBugger's debugging and profiling abilities to the Linux OpenGL developers' world. gDEBugger, an OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler, traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API, lets programmers see what is happening within the graphic system implementation to find bugs and optimize OpenGL application performance. This version also includes significant performance improvements as well as a new Textures and Buffers Viewer. This Viewer allows you to view textures, static buffers and pbuffers objects as images or raw-data in its original data format, including none RGB data formats (float, depth, integer, luminance, etc). Read More

Imagination Technologies POWERVR OpenGL and OpenVG capable parts used in new Intel(r) Centrino(r) At

Imagination Technologies System-on-Chip Intellectual Property confirms the new Intel(r) Centrino(r) Atom(tm) processor technology uses IMGTEC's OPENGL 1.1/2.0 and OpenVG capable part POWERVR(r) SGX graphics and POWERVR VXD multi-standard HD video technologies. These graphics and video technologies will enable the user to enjoy a richer Internet multi-media experience while at the same time consume less power. Read More

Khronos Group posts OpenMAX DL v1.0.2 header files

Khrons Group posted a downloadable zip file containing the latest OpenMAX DL v1.0.2 header files. From the release notes, some of the changes may require minor alterations to some existing applications that use the v1.0.1 API. No functions have been removed, however a few have been renamed. A sample OpenMAX DL 1.0.2 implementation written in C is available for download here. Read More

TransGaming Joins Industry Leaders as Khronos Group Member

TransGaming Inc, a leading developer of portability and graphics technologies has become a Khronos™ Group Contributing Member, joining over one hundred industry leading technology companies. TransGaming will participate and vote with all Members in the ongoing development and promotion of open standards for the authoring and acceleration of dynamic media on platforms ranging from embedded systems to high-performance desktop and workstation systems. Read More

Lightwave v9.5 adds COLLADA support

NewTek, Inc., announced LightWave® v9.5, a major update to its award-winning 3D application. LightWave® v9.5 new capabilities include COLLADA support as well as a complete hair and fur solution, new lighting system and many improvements to animation, global illumination, rendering and workflow. Read More

Wind River’s VxWorks 653 Avionics software offers enhanced support for OpenGL SC

Wind River's VxWorks 653 integrated multiple avionics (IMA) platform allows sophisticated display functions to be easily integrated into time and space-partitioned systems using standard COTS platforms. The integration between Esterel and Wind River products includes qualified code generation, verification and enhanced support for OpenGL SC, safety-critical graphics in the deployed system. Read More

Rémi Arnaud and Mark Barnes to speak at EuroGraphics

Rémi Arnaud and Mark Barnes will deliver a presentation on the latest COLLADA specification, COLLADA 1.5 from the Khronos Group. Expect to see and hear about the latest content, applications, technologies and ever growing organizations adopting COLLADA today. Rémi and Mark both work in advanced visual computing in the Visual Computing Software Division (VCSD) within Intel’s Software Solutions Group where they are leading the Game Engine Technology team. Read More

Khronos Presentation voted in Top 5 at GDC Mobile

On february 19th, Neil Trevett, President of The Khronos Group, gave a presentation at the 2008 Game Developers Conference. Of all the presentations given Neil's "Strategic Briefing: Khronos Mobile Graphics Ecosystem" presentation came in at fourth place of the five most highly rated GDC MOBILE 2008 talks. Congratulation Neil! The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium focused on the creation of open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices, including OpenGL, OpenKODE, OpenMAX and many more. Read More

AMD GPG Developer Tools Group has released an Open Source COLLADA OpenGL FX Viewer

Based on OpenSceneGraph 2.2 the viewer is ideal for rendering COLLADA FX output from RenderMonkey 1.8. As well as including a binary viewer, the release has comprehensive instructions on how to build the viewer using OpenSceneGraph 2.2, and the COLLADA DOM. The project is a useful starting point for developers wanting to support COLLADA OpenGL effect content in their asset pipeline. Read More

ArcGIS 9.3 To Include Support For COLLADA

ESRI's upcoming ArcGIS 9.3 software release will include support for the Collaborative Design Activity (COLLADA) file format. Using these new capabilities, ArcGIS users will be able to leverage COLLADA files for a variety of purposes in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server as well as display more realistic 3D models. Read More

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