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Khronos Group has released KTX v2.0 specification update. KTX is an efficient, lightweight container format for reliably distributing GPU textures to diverse platforms and applications. KTX files hold all the parameters needed for efficient texture loading into 3D APIs such as OpenGL, glTF, and Vulkan, including access to individual mipmap levels.

Changes introduced in KTX 2.0.2 include:

  • Provide detailed instructions for how to register supercompression schemes and metadata
  • Adjust D24_UNORM_S8_UINT description
  • Fix description of block ordering in ETC1S slices and clarify that decoder has no knowledge of image orientation
  • Clarify level data layout for BasisLz/ETC1S
  • Fix list of data that comprises a mip level
  • Fix missing max(1, …) in num_blocks_x calculation
  • Clarify that KTXwriterScParams can be used for ASTC and other block-compression scheme encoding parameters
  • Add VK_KHR_maintenance5 formats to GL formats mapping


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