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Khronos and the AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) collaborate to accelerate widespread adoption of open, interoperable Augmented Reality (AR) solutions

Focused on accelerating the adoption of AR in the enterprise, AREA brings a deep understanding of AR use cases and requirements. Khronos develops open standards, tool chains, and best practices for AR that benefit a wide variety of industries. AREA will actively support Khronos’ consensus-based processes for developing interoperability standards to ease integration of AR-enabling components into powerful products and services. This collaboration offers members of both Khronos and AREA, as well as the enterprise AR community at large, an opportunity to contribute to industry-wide discussions that will positively impact the future of AR-enabled user and customer experiences.

During an AREA-hosted webinar beginning at 11 AM Eastern Wednesday 3rd March 2021, Khronos members will present initiatives on which they are working to reduce barriers to adoption of AR for enterprise and 3D Commerce. To join, please visit:


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