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Rémi Arnaud and Mark Barnes to speak at EuroGraphics

Rémi Arnaud and Mark Barnes will deliver a presentation on the latest COLLADA specification, COLLADA 1.5 from the Khronos Group. Expect to see and hear about the latest content, applications, technologies and ever growing organizations adopting COLLADA today. Rémi and Mark both work in advanced visual computing in the Visual Computing Software Division (VCSD) within Intel’s Software Solutions Group where they are leading the Game Engine Technology team. Read More

Khronos Presentation voted in Top 5 at GDC Mobile

On february 19th, Neil Trevett, President of The Khronos Group, gave a presentation at the 2008 Game Developers Conference. Of all the presentations given Neil's "Strategic Briefing: Khronos Mobile Graphics Ecosystem" presentation came in at fourth place of the five most highly rated GDC MOBILE 2008 talks. Congratulation Neil! The Khronos Group is a member-funded industry consortium focused on the creation of open standard APIs to enable the authoring and playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices, including OpenGL, OpenKODE, OpenMAX and many more. Read More

AMD GPG Developer Tools Group has released an Open Source COLLADA OpenGL FX Viewer

Based on OpenSceneGraph 2.2 the viewer is ideal for rendering COLLADA FX output from RenderMonkey 1.8. As well as including a binary viewer, the release has comprehensive instructions on how to build the viewer using OpenSceneGraph 2.2, and the COLLADA DOM. The project is a useful starting point for developers wanting to support COLLADA OpenGL effect content in their asset pipeline. Read More

ArcGIS 9.3 To Include Support For COLLADA

ESRI's upcoming ArcGIS 9.3 software release will include support for the Collaborative Design Activity (COLLADA) file format. Using these new capabilities, ArcGIS users will be able to leverage COLLADA files for a variety of purposes in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server as well as display more realistic 3D models. Read More

OpenSceneGraph training in Paris France

Bob Kuehne of Blue Newt Software and Paul Martz of Skew Matrix Software are pleased to announce that registration is now open for three OpenSceneGraph (OSG) training courses in Paris, France, April 25-30, 2008. These three courses will provide developers with a complete OSG education. Read More

Apple iPhone SDK contains OpenGL ES

The free iPhone SDK released to the public contains OpenGL ES. SuperMonkeyBall and Spore are already ported and they run great. Read More

Aika 0.2 game engine based on OpenGL and COLLADA is released

Aika is a simple yet powerful Game Engine written in C++ without any platform dependence. You can use Aika on several platforms including Nintendo DS and Symbian. Aika uses OpenGL as the main render due to its ease of use and powerful API, and COLLADA as the main input data file format. The main proposal of the engine is to create a portable and easy of use framework to create multimedia content. Read More

OpenGL ES Programming training course (getting started)

OpenGL ES is a cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on embedded systems - including amusement machines, car info-tainment systems, mobile phones, game consoles, and digital appliances. This course provides the knowledge that a novice OpenGL ES programmer needs to author interactive, 3D graphics applications using OpenGL ES. It covers fundamental topics such as overview of architecture, modeling, and lighting, and introduces advanced topics using extensions such as matrix palette skinning animation. Read More

Away3D Temple: version 1.9.4 released!

Live3D who recently partnered up with Strata, has announced Away3D Temple version 1.9.4. To get a sense of what it can do, check out a nice place to relax after a hard day of work in the latest online virtual-zen environment. This version has added auto loading textures functionality using the COLLADA format. Read More

Sony Computer Entertainment unveils the PhyreEngine—a free cross-platform graphic engine

Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled their free cross-platform graphic engine, PhyreEngine, at the PSN session. The PhyreEngine pack includes full documentation and over 70 samples, as well as the full source code and artwork of various sample game templates. The engine is compatible with both OpenGL and Direct3D as well as other tools such as COLLADA, 3D Maya and 3D Max exporters and even Bullet, Havok, and Ageia Physics. Read More

Ideaworks3D Announces Airplay(TM) 3.5 to Bring Console Developers to Mobile

Ideaworks3D, a leading developer of native mobile technology and applications, today announced that the release of Airplay 3.5 - the world's most advanced tools and middleware for native mobile game development - will revolutionise the way console and handheld developers look at mobile gaming. Airplay 3.5 provides full support for OpenKODE, the emerging industry standard for mobile operating system abstraction. The Khronos group has ratified Airplay as being compliant on far more platforms than any other provider. Airplay includes the world's fastest mobile software renderer, empowering rich 2D and 3D graphics on ARM9 and ARM11 handsets without hardware graphics acceleration. However, Airplay 3.5 also seamlessly supports OpenGL ES 1.x, allowing developers to exploit the power of any hardware graphics acceleration on the handset. Read More

Quest3D Version 4.0 released—new features include COLLADA support

With the release of Quest3D 4.0, Act-3D™ B.V. lifts its flagship to an even higher quality level of real-time 3D application development. New functionality contains real-time support for COLLADA, Newton Game Dynamics, Advanced Weather Simulation, 3D GUI Support and a fully Object-Oriented development model. Read More

Softimage Announces CryENGINE2 Support for XSI with COLLADA Intergration

Softimage announced content pipeline support for CryENGINE® 2, Crytek's new flagship game engine developed in conjunction with the popular first person shooter PC game title, Crysis. "SOFTIMAGE|XSI software is an ideal choice for next-generation games, and its pipeline integration with CryENGINE will benefit game developers with a fast and efficient way to export 3D content directly to the CryENGINE," said Michael Endres, art production manager, Crytek GmbH. The combination of SOFTIMAGE|XSI software and COLLADA integration with the CryENGINE 2 is opening new doors in the realm of 3D imaging and character creation for next-generation games. Read More

ARM Leads the Mobile Market Into Console-Quality 3D Gaming using OpenGL ES 2.0

ARM announced at the Game Developers' Conference, San Francisco, Calif., the ARM(R) Mali-JSR297(TM) software for 3D graphics, the first product to enable developers of Java applications to take advantage of the latest hardware graphics features found in OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics processing units (GPUs), such as the ARM Mali200(TM) GPU. The new features in the Mali-JSR297 software reside beneath the gaming applications that users download to their phones and open up the full power of OpenGL ES 2.0, the API used in leading games consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 3 and which is supported by the Mali200 GPU. Read More

Khronos posts slide set from GDC 2008

The Khronos Group posted a slide set from the Game Developers Conference 2008 to their developers library today. The current slide set outlines the ecosystem of the Khronos Group. Read More

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