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OpenGL support for Adobe After Effects

Adobe announced CS4 on September 23rd with a new round of updates for their design suites. A notable addition to Photoshop and After Effects is the addition of support for OpenGL. After Effects CS4 Professional now has OpenGL high-fidelity support for blending modes, adjustment layers, track mattes, accelerated effects, anti-aliasing, 2D motion blur, lights, and shadows. In Photoshop Extended, the entire 3D engine has been migrated from a PDF-based architecture to OpenGL, and the company has seeded OpenGL support throughout the application. Standard users will also see small advantages with OpenGL which is used to quickly zoom around large images. Read more on OpenGL support in Photoshop CS4, which is due out near the end of October. Read More

gDEBugger V4.3 Adds Redundant OpenGL State Changes Tracking

The new gDEBugger V4.3 adds in-depth analysis of the OpenGL usage by tracking redundant state changes and detailed usage statistics. This new feature includes various capabilities, such as noting unrecommended OpenGL functions (with a detailed explanation of why are they unrecommended and possible alternatives) and in-depth information about the usage of OpenGL State Change functions, including redundancy percentages and amount of redundant / effective calls. The S3 Graphics performance counters integration is also introduced in this version. This powerful integration works on all S3 Graphics hardware, giving very detailed information of the hardware utilization to allow optimizing the OpenGL usage on S3 Graphics hardware using gDEBugger. gDEBugger, an OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler, traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API, lets programmers see what is happening within the graphic system implementation to find bugs and optimize OpenGL application performance. Read More

Toshiba Showcases a Software Platform for The Next Generation Media SoC Based on OpenMax at CEATEC J

Toshiba will exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2008, the largest consumer electronics trade show & conference in Asia from September 30 to October 3 at Makuhari Messe, Japan. They will have the presentation titled "A Software Platform for next generation media SoC based on International Standard", to talk about the overview on current media SoC software platforms. During the speech, Toshiba will unveil a software prototyping environment based on the "OpenMax" API for the next generation media SoCs, where migration on communication, broadcasting and internet will be more progressed, According to Toshiba, by utilizing the software prototype, we can check total system behavior, specification and functionality before actual SoC available. Read More

SGI relicensing of OpenGL heralded by Free Software Foundation and Khronos Group

Free Software Foundation and Khronos Group Both Herald New License of Industry Standard Graphics Software SGI today announced it is releasing a new version of the SGI Free Software License B. Included in the relicensing is the SGI OpenGL Sample Implementation. Said Neil Trevett, President of Khronos Group "today’s announcement shows real support for developers who rely on OpenGL, the planet’s most widely deployed 2D and 3D graphics API." Read More

Imagination Technologies reveals latest version of POWERVR at Austin GDC Sept 15-17

Imagination Technologies POWERVR Insider SDK, which continues to remain developers' preferred development environment for the creation of OpenGL ES 2.0 as well as OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenVG applications, is demonstrating the latest version of the SDK Austin GDC from 15-17 September 2008. Developers will be able to see Imagination's SDK and tools demonstrated on Stand 115. Read More

Eizo Shimbun of Japan interview with Khronos president on OpenGL and OpenCL

The Eizo Shimbun of Japan interviewed Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group about the recent highlights including OpenGL 3.0 and OpenCL at SIGGRAPH 2008. On OpenGL, the new OpenGL API supports the future creation of profiles to enable products to support specific market needs while not burdening every implementation with unnecessary costs. Beyond 3.0, OpenGL will support multi-OS platoforms including WindowsXP. On OpenCL, "I think OpenCL will be the first API ever with the shortest TAT from the announcement to launch", said Neil Trevett. Read More

Khronos interview in Japanese EETimes online magazine

Khronos is please to announce that a whole page article based on an interview with Neil Trevett, Khronos President, is in the September issue of EETimes Japan Magazine, circulation 44,000 monthly. The article explains the structure of OpenGL ES 2.0 and the relationship between OpenGL 3.0 and ES 2.0, as well as news on the newly announced OpenCL and updated on the latest highlight of the Khronos group. Read More

Forterra Adds COLLADA Support to OLIVE

As a part of its continued push to create an open, standards-based platform, Forterra announced today that it has integrated support for COLLADA into its OLIVE platform. “Our defense and intelligence customers are very much pushing for COLLAD- based standards,” said Badger. “One of them has talked about having all their building designs available in an OLIVE-based virtual world as part of their approval process (which would be possible via our COLLADA support)." We see widespread acceptance of COLLADA within the virtual world industry as being somewhat analogous to adopting HTML back in the early days of the Internet Read More

SceneCaster Announces COLLADA Support

SceneCaster announced new functionality with its ability to support the Khronos(TM) Group new COLLADA(TM) 1.5.0 specification. This expanded functionality now enables SceneCaster's 3D content to be exported to and shared with other 3D applications and authoring packages across all delivery platforms. Read More

Orad’s Morpho 3D Character Generator debuts with COLLADA support

Orad will unveil Morpho 3D, a new 3D character generator at IBC2008. Morpho 3D is the first SD/HD CG to feature true 3D graphic capabilities. TV stations look for solutions that are easy to use and affordable. Up til now there was only simple 2D character generators or a complicated high-end 3D system. Users can import files from video, Photoshop layers, and 3D Collada into the layer structure. Morpho 3D supports drag and drop of images and RSS feeds directly from browsers. Read More

Futuremark uses OpenGL and OpenGL ES in groundbreaking in-car graphics system

Futuremark has created a demonstration for Audi's future concept In-Car Graphics System which will be shown at NVISION in San Jose. In-Car graphics systems are evolving rapidly with an increasing amount of digital instrumentation used inside of automotive designs. Futuremark will adapt OpenGL and OpenGL ES for rendering the backend of the digital instrumentation. The demo is based on OpenGL ES 1.x and ES 2.0. Read More

Jon Peddie reviews the latest COLLADA 1.5 spec release gives a positive review of the recent COLLADA 1.5 Spec release from the Khronos Group. To read the full review you will need to purchase the latest TechWatch from Jon Peddie Research: "Jon Peddie's Tech Watch, is a biweekly newsletter on the PC graphics industry. Covering international trade shows and offering firsthand analysis of the newest products and trends for the future." Jon Peddie Research is a technically oriented marketing, research, and management consulting firm with over 30 years in the graphics and multimedia fields. Read More

Khronos Group puts Siggraph Handheld BoF slides online, adds OpenGL ES slides to OpenGL BoF

Khronos Group has uploaded the Siggraph 2008 HandHeld BoF slides to the public developer library. Includes are presentations from Adobe FlashLite, HuOne, OpenVG, OpenWF, Jon Peddie and the Handheld Overview slide presentations. As well, Khronos has uploaded the OpenGL ES slide set to the OpenGL BoF library. A collection of photos from the OpenGL BoF are also available online. Read More

OpenGL ES 2.0 Man Pages Released

The Khronos OpenGL ES Working Group has released the complete set of OpenGL ES 2.0 man pages, available in the online SDK. Read More

COLLADA BoF slide presentations now online

The COLLADA BoF delivered news of wide adoption and product support from leading companies in the graphics industry. A dozen speakers from Bitmanagement, Crytek, Forterra, IBM, Intel, Maxon, Shapeways, Smith Micro, Softimage, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Yumatech delivered a fast paced odyssey of presentations that highlighted COLLADA feature support in authoring, browsing, gaming, and 3D printing products that include: BS Contact, Cinema4D, CryEngine 2, OLIVE, Poser, Shapeways Creater, and XSI 7 and MODTool. Imagine comparing your favorite 3D models in a visual asset manager and 3D printing a real figurine! To view the COLLADA BoF presentation, please visit our developer library. Read More

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