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OpenGL Tutorial at GPU Technology ConferenceAt the GPU Technology Conference

At the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose on Monday, September 20th, join Mark Kilgard for a pre-conference tutorial on NVIDIA's OpenGL support. Mark will discuss and demonstrate features of OpenGL 4.1 including programmable tessellation. Read More

South Korea has more mobile phones than people

Korea Communications Commission announced there are now more mobile phone subscribers than there are people. With 48.8 Million people, South Korea has 50 million subscribers, with roughly 7.4% of those being smart phones, that means 3.67 million smart phones. Other countries are apparently experiencing similar situations of more mobile phones than people. This is great news for the mobile phone and smart phone industry. Read More

DMP announces two new OpenGL ES Programming Courses

DMP is proud to announce two all new OpenGL ES programming training courses. OpenGL ES programming training I and II will run November 11-12 and November 18-19 2010. Complete details are available online for the Training I and Training II courses in english, and in Japanese. Read More

Audio, Physics, and Developer Tools for OpenSceneGraph

Skew Matrix Software is pleased to announce new releases of three open-source projects to support software development with the OpenGL-based OpenSceneGraph (OSG) toolkit. OSG can also support COLLADA following the build instructions here. Read More

Microsoft sponsored CUDA/OpenCL Training from Acceleware

Acceleware Corp announced their fall 2010 comprehensive CUDA/OpenCL training schedule co-sponsored by Microsoft Corp. Acceleware's training classes are designed to support the HPC communities GPU programmers using CUDA and OpenCL, along with instruction on Microsoft's HPC Server 2008 cluster operating systems. There are currently five course schedule between mid-October and mid-December, with each course lasting 5 days. You can find an overview of the courses on our Khronos Group events page. Complete details are available on the Acceleware training website. Read More

Esenthel Engine now uses OpenGL ES for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Esenthel Engine has recently added full support for mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can see it in action here. Esenthel Engine is a professional 3D Game Engine which supports: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, DirectX 9-10-10.1 &11, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Nvidia PhysX - Bullet and Unlimited Sized Worlds. Esenthel Engine SDK comes with: Tools (World Editor, Mesh Editor, Gui Editor, ...), 100+ tutorials and documentation. Read More

Mozilla announces Labs: Gaming - Gaming with Open Web Standards like WebGL

Mozilla announced their new Labs : Gaming. An initiative inviting the gaming community to come out to play and get creative, with cool technologies in open web standards. If any of Open Video, audio, WebGL, touch events, device orientation, geo location or fast Javascript engines do it for you, then Labs : Gaming is the place for you. Getting this all going is Game on 2010, Mozilla's first ever gaming competition open to all developers interested in using Open Web technologies. Read More

COPPERCUBE 2 with WebGL publishing announced

COPPERCUBE 2 arrived on the scene this week boasting 'No programming necessary' to create interactive 3D applications and publish to WebGL on Mac or Windows. Simply import your 3D models or scene, setup the cameras, controllers etc and click Publish. You can try out the free 14 day trial as we did. Within a few seconds we exported a sample scene that worked great in Flash, but unfortunately has a little way to go still in WebGL. Read More

WebGL – GLGE adds LOD Support

You can now specify the mesh and material to use for a given pixel size. Read More

SIGGRAPH Mobile BOF slides now available online

Along with the OpenGL, OpenCL, COLLADA and WebGL slide sets from the Khronos related SIGGRAPH BOFs, Mobile slides have just been uploaded. Read More

Bringing Virtual Worlds to Your Web Browser

Connect@NMC Online Seminar featuring Henrik Bennetsen of Katalabs, a pioneer in the use of open source software and HTML5 to deliver fast, seamless virtual world experiences inside modern web browsers. HTML5 and WebGL are two emerging standards bringing change to the web. Join Henrik on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time to learn more about using emerging standards to create 3D virtual worlds within the browser. Connect@NMC sessions are free and open to the public, and take place in the NMC Adobe Connect Seminar room. Read More

AMD offers OpenCL Code Samples

AMD Developer Central has a new section that offers OpenCL Code Samples. Although only one sample right now, this looks like a promising page for those getting started with OpenCL. The Khronos Group also has a section with numerous OpenCL samples and tutorials on their site. Read More

German series of Windows OpenGL 3 tutorials and articles online

A series of Windows OpenGL 3 tutorials and articles from beginning to advanced is available online. These tutorials and articles are presented in German. Read More

Mini Tutorial: Import and Export 3D COLLADA files with C#/.NET

A short tutorial detailing how to Import and Export COLLADA files with C#/.NET. Read More

Numerical modeling of gravitational wave sources accelerated by OpenCL

OpenCL framework to accelerate an EMRI modeling application using the hardware accelerators – Cell BE and Tesla CUDA GPU. The main goal of this work is to evaluate an emerging computational platform, OpenCL, for scientific computation. Results show OpenCL binary on a par with CUDA SDK. Baseline is an AMD Phenom 2.5Ghz CPU. Read More

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