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AMD has announced the release of an experimental vendor extension to support GPU Work Graphs in Vulkan.

“We’re looking forward to experimenting with GPU Work Graphs using the VK_AMDX_shader_enqueue extension. Having early access to the extension gives us the ability to try out new ideas and rendering approaches and provide feedback as GPU Work Graphs hopefully move towards becoming a more widespread standard.”
- Dan Ginsburg, Graphics Developer, Valve

Android Graphics are planning their roadmap for Vulkan tooling for the next few years and would like to understand tooling needs directly from Vulkan developers. They primarily want to know what tools you’re using that you’re happy with (so that they can make sure they fund them to stay healthy) and what tooling gaps you see on Android so they can decide to fund development on them.

Meta has announced the release of a new open-source Intermediate Graphics Library (IGL). Meta is committed to build open standards for 3D graphics in partnership with the broader industry and the Khronos Group. After months of hard work and dedication, Meta is sharing their latest creation with the development community.

IGL provides developers with a powerful set of tools for creating high-quality visuals and graphics in their applications. Whether a developer is working on a game, a 3D modeling application or any other project that requires top-notch graphics, IGL has you covered.

This cross-platform library encapsulates common GPU functionality with a low-level cross-platform interface, abstracting Render Hardware Interface (RHI) with a modern approach. It supports various graphics APIs, such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL, and Vulkan, with a common interface. It’s lightweight and efficient, with minimal overhead on top of the underlying APIs, and has minimal dependencies on external libraries.

One of the OpenXR runtimes that has risen in popularity these past few years is called Monado. Monado is developed as an open-source project and is licensed under various permissive licenses explicitly listed here: The main goal of the project is to improve the general suitableness of Monado when used for XR display devices and companion devices as well as enhance various select key features that are considered important by Khronos.

This RFP is being circulated to the public. - any interested organization or individual is welcome to respond. Proposals, and any questions directly related to preparing a proposal, should be sent to the Khronos mailing list at [email protected]. Companies considering making a bid in response to the RFP should notify the RFP list as soon as possible. The deadline for receipt of proposals is 6:00 AM PT on Thursday, 3 August 2023.


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