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Celerity is an open source project which focuses on providing a way of scaling applications to a cluster of accelerators without having to be an expert in distributed memory programming. In fact, the Celerity API does not make it apparent that a program is running on many nodes at all: There is no notion of MPI ranks or process IDs, and partitioning of work and data is taken care of transparently behind the scenes. Celerity is built on top of SYCL: The API makes it the perfect starting point that hits a sweet spot between cost and power as well as ease of use. From that base, we set out to find the minimal set of extensions required to bring the SYCL API to distributed memory clusters - thus making it relatively easy to migrate an existing SYCL application to Celerity.

Back in May, GPUOpen released four new FidelityFX effects to join their widely-used FidelityFX CAS (Contrast Adaptive Sharpening) effect.

Now, they are making these shiny new effects even better by introducing Vulkan support to:

  • FidelityFX SSSR (Stochastic Screen Space Reflections).
  • FidelityFX LPM (Luminance Preserving Mapper).
  • FidelityFX CACAO (Combined Adaptive Compute Ambient Occlusion)


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