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In this guest blog, Norbert Nopper, Managing Director at UX3D, discusses editing glTF models and introduces a new visual glTF editor, Gestaltor. Norbert discusses how to directly edit glTF models and when that may lead to higher productivity when creating 3D models. Starting with a brief introduction to glTF and common workflows and discussing the possibilities and challenges involved in directly editing glTF asset files. Wrapping up with examples of how direct glTF editing may save you time production pipeline.

LunarG has released new Windows, Linux, and macOS SDKs for Vulkan header This SDK introduces a redesigned Vulkan Configurator, vkconfig, and Synchronization validation. DirectX Shader Compiler (DXC) is now included in the Linux and macOS SDKs (previously only included with the Windows SDK). Validation Layer support has been added for Vulkan Synchronization that supports single command buffers. This validation is exposed by the Vulkan Configurator for easy enablement. Read on for more information about the enhanced vkconfig and other new features in this SDK.


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