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Andrew Richards, CEO and Co-founder of Codeplay Software, presents the “Can We Have Both Safety and Performance in AI for Autonomous Vehicles?” tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit. Andrews presentation includes discussion on how SYCL, OpenCL and Vulkan can play into Safety and Performance in vehicles.

With the recent release of the OpenXR 1.0 specification, the presence of numerous Open Source platforms for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and a growing community of developers, the need for a collaborative Open Source XR Conference became clear. Collabora is announcing the 1st edition of the FOSS XR Conference, a new yearly gathering aimed at bringing the community together and giving a podium to the future of XR. Taking place on 26 October in parallel with the Blender Conference, FOSS XR will have presentations throughout the day, a small dedicated hacker space for meeting new people working on projects and more.

​A new release of the Intel Graphics Windows 10 DCH drivers (v26.20.100.7158) introduces four new Vulkan extensions: VK_EXT_fragment_shader_interlock, VK_EXT_buffer_device_address, VK_EXT_separate_stencil_usage, VK_KHR_uniform_buffer_standard_layout. As well, reporting support for the following OpenGL 4.6 SPIR-V extensions has been introduced: SPV_KHR_shader_ballot, SPV_KHR_shader_draw_parameters, SPV_KHR_storage_buffer_storage_class, SPV_KHR_subgroup_vote.

The Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum (KSCAF) has chosen the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) licensing model for the open sourcing of the KSCAF Requirements and Guidelines document repositories. KSCAF made the switch to encourage participation in a wider set of domains by making the documents publicly available. Non-Khronos members are allowed to provide expert feedback and high-quality content.

Want to get involved?

Experienced practitioners in the field of safety critical system design are invited to apply for Khronos Safety Critical Advisory Forum membership. If interested, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) contact information, a short history of your experience, and how you feel you could help us set the future direction of safety critical APIs.

Intel’s “ANV” Vulkan Linux driver has now hooked into the DriConf infrastructure for handling driver tunables and workarounds. As of Friday afternoon, the Intel Vulkan driver hooks into DriConf. That was followed up by adding a toggle for vk_x11_override_min_image_count behavior. That was followed by adding a generic override for when running gfxbench. Learn more about DriConf and this change.

Geekbench 5, the latest major upgrade to Primate Labs’ cross-platform benchmark, is now available for download. The Compute Benchmark now supports Vulkan, along with CUDA, Metal, and OpenCL. Vulkan Compute Benchmarks are available on Android, Windows, and Linux.

​Vulkan 1.1.122 has been released. This update sees many internal issues resolved plus one new extension from a public issue. VK_IMG_format_pvrtc allows an application to capture performance data to be interpreted by an external application or library.

STIQ Ltd (StyleIntelligence Ltd) interviewed 60 plus companies in the nascent ‘Immersive Retail’ niche focusing on the use of 3D, AR and VR in retail use cases. The reports intent is to provide readers with an insight into the global B2B market for 3D/AR/VR technology for use by retailers (ecommerce pureplay retailers, physical retailers and multi-channel retailers). Learn how the new 3D Commerce working group from The Khronos Group, glTF and OpenXR fit into the highly fragmented 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Commerce. The report is now available for download.

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Associate Member Emersya. Emersya’s award winning 3D technology offers a new realm of capabilities for showcasing and customizing products online and in-store. Emersya’s Platform empowers brands to turn 3D models into the most advanced product experiences and embed them on any website, as easily as videos.

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Associate Member 3XR. 3XR empowers brands to enhance their online presence through a platform-based solution where brands can effectively create high quality, custom 3D content. Their platform provides a solution where brands can utilize a community of creators to develop high-quality, custom 3D content at scale.


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