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The Khronos Group would like to welcome Contributor Member ThreeKit, Inc. ThreeKit offers a 3D visualization platform that arms brands with tools to create interactive product experiences in e-commerce. Using ThreeKit, a single 3D asset can be turned into an interactive product demo, a 3D configurator, virtual product photograph, an AR asset, or a VR asset. Ben Houston, CTO and founder of ThreeKit, got his start in 2005 by providing visualization software for Hollywood. Since then, ThreeKit has been at the forefront of innovation in 3D. “This Khronos Group initiative will be fruitful for both technology providers, like ThreeKit, and brands and retailers all over the world,” said Ben Houston, CTO, ThreeKit. “We are optimistic that a unified standard will help focus innovation efforts on broadening the scope of features and functionality of such a standard and eliminate the need to support non-standard formats. Brands and retailers will be able to rely on a consistent asset experience to support their omnichannel strategy.”


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