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More ASTC in ARM Mali GPUs

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Sean Ellis of ARM has posted a blog on how ASTC works. It's a fairly easy read and well worth a few minutes of your day. Give it a go. The ASTC evaluation codec is available at Mali Developer Center. Read More

Intel® Performance Primitives Now Supports OpenCL & Intel® Processor Graphics

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Intel IPP is now previewing a device-side OpenCL library and a new C/C++ library, both targeting computer vision and advanced image processing acceleration on Intel® Processor Graphics. This enables developers to take advantage of Intel® HD and Intel Iris Graphics to maximize performance, throughput, and power efficiency. These Intel IPP preview features are available as a free download. Read More

Upcoming OpenCL training in Europe

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StreamComputing has posted their upcoming OpenCL training schedule for Europe. The following three training sessions will be broken into sections: Optimising cache and memory in Java, C, C++ and .NET; The basics of kernel and host programming; OpenACC and ArrayFire for faster development; Optimisation-techniques for AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, ARM; and Integration and algorithm-design. London - 21 August; Prague - 25 September; Munich - 16 October. Read More

WebGL: Up and Running translated into Chinese now available

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WebGL: Up and Running is a recent book by Tony Parisi, has been translated into Chinese. This book will help you get off and running with a quick introduction to WebGL. From the O'Reilly website "Tony Parisi is an entrepreneur and career CTO/architect. He has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony's passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to bring coolness and fun to the broadest possible audience." The Khronos group has had the privilege of working with Tony in the past. Tony Parisi is also the founder of the WebGL Meetups in and around the San Francisco area. Read More

Trusight partners with ImgTec and Vivante to deliver streamlined OpenCL and OpenGL ES solutions

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Trusight, Inc. announced that it has partnered with Vivante Corporation to deliver a streamlined OpenCL and OpenGL ES solution of Trusight's patented video and CGI processing technology. DRC unlocks the visual processing algorithm that happens between the retina and brain, creating a disruptive innovation that revolutionizes the viewing experience on any screen. The Vivante optimized solution intelligently enhances and transforms media content to match real world colors, HDR, and details, while delivering notable power and bandwidth savings. Trusight Inc recently partnered with Imagination Technologies to deliver an optimized OpenCL implementation of Trusight’s patented multi-platform video and CGI processing technology, which can deliver notable power and bandwidth savings for Imagination’s PowerVR GPU technology. Read More

Sagiv Tech to offer OpenCL training in TelAviv

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Sagivtech is offering a 3 day training course for OpenCL. The course will run July 28-31, 2013. Details and course PDF booklet area available. Read More

Jon Peddie Research announces 12th annual Siggraph Luncheon

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Jon Peddie Research is proud to hold the 12th annual Siggraph Luncheon. Discussions this year will revolve around Low-cost platforms, Global workflows, In-house vs. contract, New definitions of reality, Massive data clouds and Creating the hyper-real. Complete details and registration are available on the official JPR Siggraph luncheon page. Read More

28 hr WebGL Hackathon in NYC Tonight July 11

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David Eisenberg, CEO of, has announced a 28 hour WebGL Hackathon at the NYC offices of Two Sigma + Floored. is a recent startup which specializes in the production and online display of 3D interior scans. Floored hopes to revolutionize the real estate photography market with 3D technology such as WebGL. The event will take place at the Two Sigma + Floored offices this Thursday & Friday (96 Spring St 8th Floor New York). Read More

OpenGL ES 3.0 Pipeline map

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Following the release of the OpenGL 4.3 Pipeline Map, g-truc has released the OpenGL ES 3.0 Pipeline Map. Read More

LibreOffice Calc To Get GPU support via OpenCL

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LibreOffice is a well-liked office suite, but not so much its spreadsheet component, Calc, which is known to be slow for even simple calculations. Now AMD has stepped in to provide GPU support that should speed things along. It seems that the LibreOffice programmers are trying to make the code fit in with AMDs Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) but the code itself is going to be written in OpenCL. This brings some hope that the optimizations might work with other GPUs such as NIVIDA's. Read More

Imagination Technologies to demonstrate OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL at SIGGRAPH 2013

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Imagination will demonstrate its market-leading PowerVR graphics (GPU) technologies for the smartphone and embedded markets. Demonstrations will include PowerVR Series6 GPUs, with demonstrations of the first PowerVR Series6 devices and OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL demos, including GPU compute applications for rigid body physics, image processing, fluid dynamics. Read More

AMD Announces Keynote Lineup for APU13

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AMD announced the initial lineup of keynote speakers for the 2013 AMD Developer Summit, APU13. The third annual three-day event will be held in San Jose, Calif., Nov. 11-14, 2013, where AMD and industry leaders will delve into key market trends regarding next generation software and computing experience development, the emerging Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) standard, and the latest in the use of industry-standard application programming interfaces such as OpenCL™, Microsoft DirectCompute and C++ AMP. Read More

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