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TraceGL: A javascript codeflow visualization and debugging tool using WebGL

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With traceGL you can see all JavaScript codeflow, in a high performance webGL visualiser. Its like an oscilloscope, for code. The author Rik Arends says "traceGL was born because i wanted a tool to get me insight quickly in complex JavaScript projects. Computer graphics has always been a hobby of mine, so doing the UI in webGL was a fun challenge. There are still very many things to do and improve about traceGL. It needs lots of datavisualisation, charts and animations." Read More

IBM tutorial on accelerating web applications with OpenCL

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IBM developerWorks offers a good tutorial on getting going with WebCL. Taking the user from installing WebCL to writing your first program. Lots of example code and resource links. Read More

Khronos Chapter Brazil announces tentative first meetup for September

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One of the newer Khronos Chapters has announced a tentative date for a meet up in September 2013. For more information, please visit the Brazil Chapter page. If you would like to start a Khronos Chapter in your corner of the world, please visit the Khronos Group Chapter pages. Read More

Maps Shortcuts: Large Data Geotemporal Visualisations with WebGL

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Acceleware OpenCL for Altera FPGAs

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Acceleware presents four courses with a focus on how to write and optimize OpenCL applications for Altera FPGAs. Students will be taught how to achieve high performance by taking advantage of the heterogeneous nature of OpenCL and the massively parallel capabilities of Altera FPGAs. The training is targeted at design teams who work with parallel algorithms and computationally intense applications. There are four course in all:

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LWJGL 2.9.0 released with improved OpenGL and OpenCL support.

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The Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) provides a simple API to OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCL and Game Controllers enabling the production of state of the art games for Windows, Linux and Mac. Version 2.9.0 contains a complete rewrite of the mac backend, new OpenGL/OpenCL extension and bug fixes. Read More

Sketchfab to host New York WebGL Meetup June 5th

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Sketchfab, a web service to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models will be giving a demo of their services, capabilities, and a general overview of what is happening in the background. Hosting the Meetup at Pivotal Labs will be the three co-founders from Paris: Cédric Pinson, Alban Denoyel, and Pierre-Antoine Passet. Read More

New Tutorial on Developing Error Free OpenCL Kernels

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Nathan Chong from the Department of Computing at Imperial College will present a lively and interactive tutorial at the LEAP Conference on applying formal analysis and verification techniques to OpenCL and CUDA kernels. The full LEAP conference programme has now been published online. Read More

CEVA Introduces OpenMAX IL based AMF - Android Multimedia Framework

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CEVA Introduces OpenMAX IL based AMF - Android Multimedia Framework

CEVA, Inc. has announced a new low-energy software framework for Android based systems. The Android Multimedia Framework (AMF) efficiently reduces the power consumption required for complex multimedia processing using a heterogeneous CPU and DSP system architecture. Using the Khronos Groups OpenMAX IL API, AMF complies with the current Android 4.x versions. Read More

Blueprint Exchange for 3D Printing with COLLADA objects

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METAVERSE Technology LLC launches a 3D printing exchange platform on 3D print objects are available in the COLLADA file format which is supported by most of the available 3D printers and online print services. Read More

WebGL around the Net returns to Learning WebGL

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Struggling to find time to keep up with the latest WebGL happenings? You'll be happy to know that Tony Parisi, new Learning WebGL Editor-in-Chief has brought the 'WebGL around the Net' column back to life. The first edition under his reign is full of great news. Check it out! Read More

Tom’s Hardware tests OpenCL on the GeForce GTX Titan

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The Gigabyte GeForce Titan card, based on NVIDIA's reference design, is put through many OpenCL benchmarks. See how it stacks up. Read More

Intel Makes First Release Of Linux OpenCL Project

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Intel has put out a first release of Beignet, an open-source Linux project that supports OpenCL. Beignet, like many other OpenCL implementations, is based upon LLVM and Clang for its compiler infrastructure. Read More

Ten Reasons Why Android Should Support OpenCL

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Matthew Scarpino, author of "OpenCL in Action" and the OpenCL blog, has posted, among other things, a well thought out list of reasons for Android to support OpenCL. Read More

1st International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL)

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1st International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL)

First International Workshop on OpenCL (IWOCL) will be held on May 13th-14th at Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia. IWOCL is an annual meeting of vendors, researchers and developers to promote the evolution and advancement of the OpenCL standard. The first workshop has an exciting full program, including a full day of tutorials, followed by a full day of keynotes, papers, and panels. The full (draft) program can be found here. Registration and travel details are also online. Signup soon and look forward to seeing you all then! Read More

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