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Khronos Group News Archives

Qt 5 has been released

• Tags: graphics framework OpenGL phoronix OpenGL ES

The Qt Project is proud to announce the final release of Qt 5. It is the latest version of the Qt C++ UI framework and the foundation for a new way of developing applications, where Qt Quick is in the center of Qt. Qt 5 continues to offer all of the power of native Qt C++ enabling highly sophisticated user experiences, offering applications the full capabilities of OpenGL/OpenGL ES graphics acceleration. Planning has already started for an even greater role of OpenGL in Qt 5.1. Read More

Vivante Shipping World’s Smallest and Lowest Power OpenGL ES 3.0 IP Core

• Tags: Mobile Conformance OpenGL OpenGL ES

Vivante Corporation announced another major milestone in its leading multi-core GPU IP family: The world's tiniest GPU core designed to support the Khronos Group's OpenGL ES 3.0 API based on the GC880 IP leveraging the same ScalarMorphic technology of Vivante's industry leading multi-core ultra-threaded GPU cores. This core is in mass production powering multiple customer silicon products used in mobile, automotive, IPTV, and other embedded and Internet enabled devices. Product is based on a published Khronos OpenGL ES 3.0 Specification, and is expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process. Read More

WebGL pathtracing Christmas competition

• Tags: graphics contest WebGL

The Computer Graphics Lab at the Alexandra Institute is holding a WebGL pathtracing Christmas competition. Complete rules and guidelines are available on their website. Read More

OpenCL CodeBench developer Amdahl Joins ARM Connected Community

• Tags: OpenCL

Amdahl Software announced it is a new member in the ARM Connected Community. Amdahl Software augments the benefits of ARM multi-core platforms by simplifying and automating software development. Read More

STK 10 now supports COLLADA FX

• Tags: 3D COLLADA

Systems Tool Kit (STK) is a free 2D and 3D modeling environment for evaluating system performance. STK 10 now supports COLLADA FX. Read More

AMD releases CodeXL 1.0 unified developer tool suite

• Tags: OpenCL

AMD has released the V1.0 of CodeXL, a unified developer tool suite that enables developers to quickly and easily identify performance issues and programming errors in applications, without requiring source code modifications. Read More

Khronos SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 slides now online


SIGRRAPH Asia 2012 saw the Khronos Group host several speakers at this years Khronos Educators DevU. The slides from all those presentations are now online. Read More

AMD APP SDK 2.8 up to 2.3x faster, includes BOLT open source C++ template library

• Tags: API SDK Library OpenCL

OpenCL News is reporting that the new APP SDK 2.8 includes dozens of new and improved samples for OpenCL, Aparapi and C++ AMP that deliver significantly faster performance than APP SDK 2.7 – up to 2.3x faster on average in nine key benchmarks. The APP SDK 2.8 also includes a preview version of AMD’s new open source C++ template library, codename "Bolt." Read More

NORAD now using WebGL to track Santa

• Tags: 3D graphics WebGL NORAD

As part of the NORAD Tracks Santa team, Analytical Graphics, Inc is using Cesium to build a 3D web map for visualizing Santa’s location on December 24th as he makes his way around the globe. Read More

Accelerated Computing Workshop at OzViz 2012 on December 5th

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The ACW 2012 Committee cordially invites you to join them for the Accelerated Computing Workshop at OzViz 2012. This year the workshop will be held on December 5th in Perth, WA. ACW is an co-located event that coincides with OzViz 2012. It serves as a platform for researchers, students, and practitioners working in the domains of computational science, and/or visual computing to share their work and techniques they've developed for targeting advanced parallel hardware architectures (such as multi-core CPUs APUs, GPUs, MIC, FPGAs). Read More