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Khronos Group heads to Taipei first week of June

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Following the meetings in Taipei and Hsinchu in February2012, the Khronos Group will once again return to Taiwan in early June. Visiting the National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University, Khronos will hold a series of public educational activities and business meetings. In order to further communication and interaction with local Taiwanese businesses, the meetings will be open to the public. The Khronos Group will have a lot of exciting information to discuss and is looking forward to the enthusiastic participation of the Pan-Pacific region. Read More

New ‘WebGL Beginner’s Guide’ book available

• Tags: 3D Browser Books WebGL

Dive headfirst into 3D web application development using WebGL and JavaScript. Each chapter is loaded with code examples and exercises that allow the reader to quickly learn the various concepts associated with 3D web development. The only software that the reader needs to run the examples is an HTML5 enabled modern web browser. No additional tools needed. A practical beginner’s guide with a fast paced but friendly and engaging approach towards 3D web development. Read More

AFDS 2012 - MulticoreWare has major presence with twelve sessions on OpenCL and HSA

• Tags: multicoreware OpenCL Event

MulticoreWare has a major presence at AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012 (AFDS) being held June 11-14 in Bellevue Washington. With twelve presentations and numberous demos at the Experience Zone MulticoreWare is also an AFDS sponsor and Khronos Group member. Read More

CARP project targets its output to OpenCL

• Tags: GPU C framework programming OpenCL

December 2011 saw the kick-off of an ambitious research project called “CARP: Correct and Efficient Accelerator Programming”, which aims to boost the programmability of accelerator hardware, such as graphics processing units (GPUs), by innovating in programming language design and implementation, as well as formal verification techniques. Funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), the consortium, which consists of eight partners--including Khronos members ARM, Imperial College London and Rightware--seeks to provide a unified flow for developing correct and efficient accelerator software, thus increasing reliability and energy efficiency of computing systems. Read More

OpenCL 1.2 supported in AMD OpenCL APP SDK 2.7 and Catalyst 12.4 drivers

• Tags: SDK drivers OpenCL

The AMD OpenCL APP SDK v2.7 now supports OpenCL 1.2 and improved C++ support for both host side and kernel side coding. Read More

Siggraph 2012 offering five courses related to Khronos Technology

• Tags: graphics SIGGRAPH Courses WebGL OpenGL Event

There will be five courses offered at Siggraph 2012 that relate to Khronos Technologies. Starting on August 5th followed by one course each day, there will be "Introduction to Modern OpenGL", "Virtual Texturing in Software and Hardware", "Beyond Programmable Shading", "GPU Shaders for OpenGL 4.x" and finally on August 9th "Graphics Programming for the Web." See all Khronos related events at Siggraph 2012 on the Khronos Group Siggraph event page. Read More

Vivante leads mobile GPGPU revolution as first GPU IP supplier to pass OpenCL 1.1 conformance test

• Tags: GPU Conformance OpenCL

Vivante Corporation today announced Vivante GC Cores passed the Khronos Group OpenCL 1.1 Embedded Profile (EP) conformance test suite on Freescale's i.MX 6 platform. The GC Cores use the latest programmable ScalarMorphic architecture to accelerate parallel data workloads on thousands of concurrent threads to achieve Gigaflops (GFLOPS) of computational performance. Applications taking advantage of Vivante cores to significantly speed-up processing includes image processing, computer vision, analytics, augmented reality and gesture-motion tracking. Read More

Introduction to Modern OpenGL - SIGGRAPH 2012 course

• Tags: graphics SIGGRAPH OpenGL

Introduction to Modern OpenGL is an introductory course which offers an overview of the complete OpenGL pipeline, introducing all the latest shader stages. Other topics introduced are the shader-based pipeline, and a summary of key graphics concepts: the synthetic-camera model, transformations, viewing, and lighting. The instructors are Edward Angel, University of New Mexico and Dave Shreiner from ARM. Dave Shriener is co-author of the OpenGL® Programming Guide Read More

GLBenchmark 2.5 Beta 3 released!

• Tags: graphics OpenGL OpenGL ES

Kishonti released GLBenchmark 2.5 Beta 3, a cross-platform graphics benchmark for OpenGL ES compliant mobile devices and embedded environments. Kishonti also makes CLBenchmark, a tool for comparing the computational performance of different platforms offering an unbiased way of testing and comparing the performance of implementations of OpenCL 1.1. Read More

Partying particles - WebCL in Firefox demonstration

• Tags: firefox WebCL

This week, Adrien Plagnol and Frederic Langlade-Bellone did a lecture about WebCL at LyonJS, a monthly event where people talk about Javascript bleeding-edge things. Read More

Hisilicon Licenses Range of ARM Mali Graphics Processors

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HiSilicon and ARM announced that HiSilicon has licensed a range of ARM Mali Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) including the market leading Mali-400 MP GPU and the latest high-performance Mali-T658 GPU. The new licenses will increase the scalability of the GPU performance points that HiSilicon will be able to offer manufacturers of mobile, consumer and home devices. HiSilicon has also licensed the latest ARM Cortex processor technology for use in next generation devices. Read More

Sketchfab puts 3D content on the web for free

• Tags: 3D Browser WebGL Sketchfab

Sketchfab went live recently with new technology making it easy to publish interactive 3D content online. The free service does not require any third-party application installed on either the client side or the server. All Sketchfab needs is for the end-user to be running a WebGL compatible browser. Read More

Imagination makes the case for mobile OpenCL

• Tags: GPU Mobile OpenCL GDC

Imagination was showing off GPU compute on a cell phone chip at GDC, physics in your pocket. That demo was pretty simple, take a Pandaboard with a TI OMAP 4430, a dual-core ARM A9 CPU and an Imagination SGX540 GPU, and run a cloth simulation on it. Not only could the OpenCL version exploit the GPU to do more balls and sheets than the CPU version, but it saved power while doing so. How much? On one CPU, the simulation took about .68A@5V to run at 14FPS with 100% CPU load. With two A9 cores loaded, the Pandaboard pulled .84A and ran at 24FPS. In OpenCL, CPU load dropped to less than 30%, FPS jumped to 42, and power draw went down to .60A. More than 10% less energy used, 3x the frame rate, and you could run more simulations on the same box if you wanted. Not bad at all. Read More

HiSilicon Extends Multi-License Deal with Vivante for Graphics IP

• Tags: graphics Mobile

Vivante Corporation announced that HiSilicon has expanded its ongoing technology partnership to include additional GC (Graphics and Compute) cores. HiSilicon will continue to integrate these key pieces of visual computing IP into SoC products for mobile and consumer products. Access to the latest Vivante IP cores, give HiSilicon an innovative technology platform based on the latest 3D, CGPU (Composition GPU) and GPGPU APIs. The latest agreement enables HiSilicon to deliver the highest graphics performance in products spanning its entire portfolio. Read More

Video: Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 demo show 64 video simultaneous decodings and FX

• Tags: graphics SDK Video OpenCL

Marketing Manager for Intel HD Graphics demos several examples of how the Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 supports 3rd generation Intel Core processors on both Intel Processors and HD graphics 4000/2500 for accelerated video processing. Read More

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