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Daily.js Node round up:  node-webcl, node-webgl and node-glfw

• Tags: WebCL Github WebGL OpenGL

Mikael Bourges-Sevenier has sent in three WebGL and WebCL modules that he’s written for Node. node-webcl from Motorola Mobility is an implementation of the Khronos WebCL working draft using Node. node-webgl is an implementation of the Khronos WebGL specification. node-glfw is a JavaScript wrapper around GLFW. This provides implementations, where possible, of WebGL methods on top of desktop OpenGL as well as a browser compliant event model.   Read More

Nvidia Launches GeForce GTX 690.

• Tags: graphics directx OpenCL OpenGL

NVIDIA announces the dual-chip GeForce GTX 690, powered by two Kepler-generation GK104 graphics processors. With the help of 3072 stream processors, the device is set to establish new performance records. The card supportsOpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.2 and DirectX 11.1.   Read More

Kishonti Informatics Releases OpenCL Benchmark

• Tags: benchmarks OpenCL

Kishonti Informatics has launched the community version of CLBenchmark 1.1 Desktop Edition. CLBenchmark provides a free and easy-to-use tool for consumers and media professionals to compare the processing power of different hardware architectures.   Read More

AMD gDEBugger v6.2 adds support OpenCL 1.2 beta drivers

• Tags: gdebugger OpenCL

AMD gDEBugger offers real-time OpenCL kernel debugging, which allows developers to step into the kernel execution directly from the API calls, debug inside the kernel, view all variable values across different work groups and work items. The new gDEBugger v6.2 adds Linux Support and support for OpenCL 1.2 beta drivers   Read More

Intel Introduces an OpenCL SDK for 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors

• Tags: graphics SDK OpenCL OpenGL

Intel has released the Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 to support 3rd generation Intel Core processors. Supported seamlessly by the Intel HD Graphics Driver, OpenCL developers can now use compute resources across both the Intel CPU and Intel HD Graphics 4000. The SDK also supports interoperability with graphics and media APIs including Microsoft DirectX, OpenGL, and the Intel Media SDK.   Read More

AMD and Adobe Creative Suite 6 Innovate With OpenCL and GPU Acceleration

• Tags: GPU OpenCL

AMD today announced a collaboration with Adobe Systems Incorporated to optimize a new set of GPU-accelerated features for Adobe products including the newly announced Adobe Photoshop CS6. Implementing GPU acceleration and incorporating OpenCL optimization improves the end-user experience by dramatically speeding up critical imaging features and generating real-time results when editing with key tools in Adobe Creative Suite 6.   Read More

Call for Speakers: WebGL Camp Europe

• Tags: Tutorials WebGL

After five WebGL Camps in the USA, WebGL Camp is now coming to Europe being hosted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. WebGL Camp Europe is now looking for speakers. A limited number (1-2) of non-European based presentations via Skype will be possible too. WebGL Camp Europe takes place July 3rd, 2012 in Muttenz/Basel, Switzerland. On July 4th there will be optional WebGL workshops/tutorials. More information at:   Read More

WebCL Work Group announces first WebCL working draft

• Tags: WebCL OpenCL

The Khronos WebCL Working Group is pleased to announce the availability of the first WebCL public working draft. Many thanks to the editors Tomi Aarnio and Mikael Bourges-Sevenier, and to everyone who contributed to and reviewed the draft, and participated in the discussions.    Read More

GIMP 2.8 RC 1 includes OpenCL acceleration

• Tags: GPU graphics OpenCL multicoreware

The OpenCL hardware acceleration features in the Generic Graphics Library (GEGL) were originally developed as part of Google's Summer of Code in 2009 and 2011 and finished over the winter with sponsorship from AMD and help by MulticoreWare. On supported systems, this feature should greatly speed up processor intensive operations. Users have to start the application with the command line parameter GEGL_USE_OPENCL=yes to use OpenCL.   Read More

Altera’s OpenCL for FPGAs program delivers dramatic reductions in development times

• Tags: OpenCL FPGA

Altera Corporation announced that goHDR achieved a significant reduction in development time and a dramatic increase in performance leveraging Altera's OpenCL for FPGAs. Working closely with Altera, goHDR ported its proprietary C-code to the OpenCL standard and implemented the code in an FPGA in less than a week - a process that typically requires 3-6 months using a traditional HDL flow.   Read More

WebGL: Up and Running - new book by Tony Parisi

• Tags: Books WebGL

WebGL: Up and Running is a new book by Tony Parisi. This book will help you get off and running with a quick introduction to WebGL. From the O'Reilly website "Tony Parisi is an entrepreneur and career CTO/architect. He has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony's passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to bring coolness and fun to the broadest possible audience." The Khronos group has had the privilege of working with Tony in the past. Tony Parisi is also the founder of the WebGL Meetups in and around the San Francisco area.    Read More

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