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Tutorial: How To Create Cool Effects with Custom Shaders in OpenGL ES 2.0 and Cocos2D 2.X

• Tags: Tutorials OpenGL ES

A well put together tutorial for those wanting to learn about OpenGL ES 2.0 and Shaders on iOS devices. Read More

MulticoreWare announces Multicore Cross-platform Architecture OpenCL runtime compiler

• Tags: GPU multicore OpenCL

MulticoreWare Inc. has announced the Multicore Cross-platform Architecture (MXPA), an OpenCL runtime and compiler, enabling cross-architecture performance from a single, unified codebase. MXPA is designed to preserve the expression of parallelism in OpenCL, independent of vendor hardware and software stack implementation. MXPA currently supports x86 architectures and is being extended to a wide range of platforms from CPUs to DSPs with minimal vendor support. Read More

Khronos Group Pan Pacific Road Show videos from February now online

• Tags: API Video DevU WebGL OpenGL Event

The Khronos Group invites you to view videos from February Hsinchu/Taipei leg of our 2012 Pan Pacific Road Show. The nine part series is now available on YouTube under the Khronos Group Channel. Read More

WebGL Camp in Orlando videos now online

• Tags: Video WebGL

Videos from the WebGL Camp in Orlando Florida are now online. There are 5 video session in total. Read More

WebGL: Why the Web Will Be More Than Just Pages

• Tags: WebGL

There was no lack of talent at SxSW waiting to talk about the latest developments of WebGL. Industry rock stars like the creator of the most popular WebGL JavaScript libary Mr. Doob, Creative Director from Google Aaron Koblin, Luz Caballero of Opera Software and Nicolas Garcia Belmonte of Sencha there to teach us all about the power and application of WebGL. Read More

Opera Mini 7 stretches to Android

• Tags: Mobile android WebGL

Opera ports its WebGL hardware acceleration from Opera Mobile to the Android version of Opera Mini 7. Read More

RIM Releases Free TunnelTilt WebGL PlayBook Game Demo in App World

• Tags: Browser WebGL

RIM is exemplifying the fact that you can take WebGL browser games and turn them into native apps using WebWorks on the PlayBook with the game feeling like a native game. Read More

WebCL extension for Firefox 11

• Tags: windows WebCL OpenCL Linux

The Nokia WebCL prototype is now available for Firefox 11. Click here to download the new add-on for Windows and Linux. Read More

The Linley Group Hosts Second Annual Mobile Conference

• Tags: graphics Mobile

Focusing on the market and technology trends driving the mobile silicon and system markets, The Linley Group announced it will host its second annual Linley Tech Mobile Conference, April 16-17 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California. Linley Gwennap, founder and principal analyst of The Linley Group, will open the conference with an overview of the mobile semiconductor market, discussing the technology trends that will determine which mobile processors will succeed in 2012 and beyond. A second keynote by Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group, will describe how the latest graphics standards are impacting mobile design today. Read More

AMD releases beta drivers with a complete beta implementation of OpenCL 1.2

• Tags: drivers OpenCL

Last December AMD released preview drivers that contained much of new the functionality defined in OpenCL 1.2. The new APP SDK includes beta drivers that contain a complete, beta level implementation of the OpenCL 1.2 specification for 32 and 64-bit Windows and Linux. Read More

The Wolfe in the Heterogeneous Programming Jungle

• Tags: GPU OpenCL

Michael Wolfe, Compiler Engineer of The Portland Group tries to untangle the web of heterogeneous programming. A high level overview comparing various systems, including OpenCL. Read More

Opera TV Store, now with expanded capabilities including WebGL

• Tags: graphics television WebGL

The HTML5-powered Opera TV Store is now on show at IP&TV World Forum in London. It's packed with new cool features such as the ability to render WebGL content. Game developers can bring their WebGL-based games to connected TVs running the Opera TV Store. Read More

OpenCL jobs catches up to CUDA following 5 month growth

• Tags:

Using data from job trends, we can clearly see OpenCL jobs have caught up to CUDA jobs. Although this trend has occurred before, the job growth this time round is much more steady, and promising for OpenCL. Since July 2011, OpenCL has seen job openings increase by 98%, while CUDA job opening decreased by 22%. Read More

Pi Raspberry alternatives with OpenGL ES

• Tags: OpenGL ES

If you missed out on purchasing a Pi Raspberry--they sold out in a few hours at a reported 700 orders per minute--you do have alternives. ZDNet did a nice round up of five alternatives, four of which have OpenGL ES on them: PandaBoard, Cotton Candy, Beagle Board and CuBox. Read the full review here. Read More

WebGL instructional videos in 14 parts—by Erik Moller from Opera

• Tags: Video WebGL

Eric Moller from Opera has posted an excellent 14 part video instructional on YouTube. Check it out! Read More

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