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What WebGL Will Mean for the Web

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A WebGL SXSW panel on Monday, March 12 @ 5:00PM-6:00PM in the Austin Convention Center, will bring together a group of practitioners who are actively involved in everything from writing the WebGL spec to shipping real products based on it. Between us we have been there since the earliest days of the spec and have delivered some of the most high profile WebGL projects seen to date. Join us as we reflect on what we have learned in the early days of working with WebGL and have a conversation about what the road ahead may look like. Read More

Khronos invites you to WebGL, COLLADA and KITE meetups

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The Khronos Group will be hosting three meet ups held during GDC in the Hilton San Francisco. Registration is now open for all three meet ups. Seating is limited, so please don't wait if your interested. The WebGL meet up is already starting to fill up. Complete details and sign up available here. Read More

Khronos Group podcasts from Taiwan tour now available

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The Khronos Group has posted eleven podcasts from the Taiwan Tour. The podcasts cover the official KITE launch on February 16th, and the February 17th DevU. All podcasts are available in both English and Chinese. You can link directly to the podcast page here, or the Khronos feed here. Complete details of the DevU session can be found on the official DevU event page. Read More

Mixamo offers online 3D animation service compatible with COLLADA

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Mixamo online 3D animation service allows real-time creation of 3D character animations that are ready to be dragged and dropped into Flare3D IDE. This is possible through the use of the COLLADA format. Details of the workflow are provided online in a Mixamo-Flare-Flash tutorial. Read More

Rightware Announces 3D Homescreen Template for Android

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Rightware announced that it will release Android 3D Homescreen Template to radically shorten the development time of 3D user interfaces on Android devices. Rightware's ready-made 3D homescreen design template enables the industry's fastest creation, interaction testing and deployment of photorealistic - and even stereoscopic - 3D homescreens on Android devices. Rightware's Android 3D Homescreen Template is powered by Kanzi UI Solution which has been optimized for the latest CPUs and GPUs to ensure optimal performance. The 3D Homescreen Template is provided with native OpenGL ES support and is capable of powering stereoscopic 3D user interface elements and homescreen entities with extreme swiftness. Read More

Portland Group announces PGI OpenCL 1.1 Compiler For ARM

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PGCL™ is an OpenCL™ framework for compiling and running OpenCL 1.1 embedded profile applications on the ST-Ericsson NovaThor™ U8500 and follow-on platforms using a single ARM core as the OpenCL host and multiple ARM cores as an OpenCL computing device. Read More

YOUi Labs released a new white paper: Using OpenCL to improve performance in Natural User Interfaces

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YOUi Labs, experts in developing Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for embedded platforms, examines in a new white paper how both General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) and The Khronos Group’s OpenCL specification can be used in a NUI engine to best utilize the available hardware for efficiency and improved user experience. The white paper is available online. Read More

drawElements Introduces New Metric for Comparing Real-World GPU Quality

• Tags: graphics benchmarks OpenGL ES

drawElements Ltd. introduces the dEQP Quality Score, a unique metric combining all key aspects of GPU quality to show how suited a platform is for running real-world graphics applications. The dEQP Currently features close to 10 000 tests covering functional correctness, performance, stability, accuracy and feature support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and related APIs. Read More

DMP announces three new Programming Courses in OpenGL ES and GLSL

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DMP is proud to announce three new programming training course sessions. Complete details in english are available online for the courses: GLSL Getting Started, Training I and Training II, and in Japanese. Read More

PixelLight engine 0.9.11 released with OpenGL ES support on Android

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Version 0.9.11 of the free open-source, cross-platform 3D application framework PixelLight has been released. We're using OpenGL as well as GLSL within our main-renderer and OpenGL ES 2.0 for Android. Highlight of this release is the new Qt based viewer. This tool makes it possible to inspect complete scenes via the GUI and offers basic edit features for visual debugging. On the renderer side, we've added "Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing" (FXAA) and support for volume texture compression (VTC). Read More

Learning OpenGL ES website now online

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Learning OpenGL ES is contains a series of tutorials and lessons for Android, focusing on OpenGL ES 2.0. The site has lots of resources, and looks like a promising place to help developers get off to a good start with OpenGL ES and Android. Read More

OGC Announces 5th International Augmented Reality Standards Community Meeting

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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) announced that the Fifth International Augmented Reality (AR) Standards Community meeting will take place March 19 and 20, 2012 in Austin, Texas, USA. This meeting is being sponsored by Khronos Group and sponsored/hosted by the OGC in cooperation with the University of Texas. You can view additional details on the Khronos Group event page. Read More

Virtual Texturing with WebGL

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Sven Andersson and Jhonny Göransson from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology recently posted their masters thesis on Virtual Texturing with WebGL online. This thesis investigates how to implement Virtual Texturing for web browsers using WebGL and how to maintain high performance. Read More

OpenGL ES Studio offers programming environment for iOS 4 and up

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GLSL Studio lets you experiment with examples and learn as you go. With camera texture streaming you can create your own animated video filters and view the results instantly. Anything you point the camera at is run through your current program. Programming + Imagination = Fun! GLSL Studio is a full OpenGL programming environment supporting both vertex and fragment shaders. Programs can be easily exported for use on any platform that supports OpenGL ES 2.0. Read More

17th ACM International Web3D Conference


The 17th edition of ACM International Web3D Conference will take place in Los Angeles Convention Center, California, in August 04-05, 2012. Co-Located with SIGGRAPH 2012 and in Cooperation with Web3D Consortium & ACM SIGGRAPH. The annual ACM Web3D Conference is a major event that gathers researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists, and content creators in a dynamic environment. Attendees can share and explore methods of using, enhancing, and creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies, such as WebGL and HTML5 (which is a hot topic in Computer Graphics), Flash/ Stage 3D, X3D, COLLADA, and the MPEG family. The conference highlights capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics across a wide range of applications and supports research from mobile devices up to high-end immersive environments. Read More

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