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LuxMark v1.0 released: an OpenCL benchmark tool

• Tags: benchmarks OpenCL

LuxMark is a OpenCL benchmark tool. The idea for the program was conceived in 2009 by Jromang. It was intended as a promotional tool for LuxRender. The idea was quite simple, wrap SLG inside an easy to use graphical user interface and use it as a benchmark for OpenCL. After Anandtech adoption of SLG as OpenCL benchmark, the code was finally written and is now available at Read More

Sencha Labs announces PhiloGL, a new WebGL framework

• Tags: WebGL

PhiloGL is a WebGL Framework for Data Visualization, Creative Coding and Game Development. Sencha Labs is a foundation to support non-commercial projects affiliated with Sencha, such as jQTouch and Raphaël. Read More

PixelLight 0.9.5-R1 released

• Tags: windows framework OpenGL

The new version 0.9.5-R1 of the free open-source, cross-platform 3D application framework PixelLight has been released. OpenGL is used within the main renderer. Beside the usual bugfixing and feature completion, there are several migrations in this release. PixelLight is now using 'nullptr' introduced by C++0x, migrated from C style casts to C++ style casts and under MS Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is now used as the main development IDE. There are also new features like the plugin SPARK_PL integrating the free open source particle engine SPARK. The SDK now includes two new demos, one of them shows how picking works. Read More

ImgTec GDC session offers insight into Tile Based Deferred Rendering architecture

• Tags: graphics Mobile Event GDC

Joe Davis and Gordon MacLachlan both from Imagination Technologies, will present their session "Understanding POWERVR SGX Graphics Technology and Optimizing for Great Graphics Performance" on Monday february 28th at 4:15 Room 120 in the North Hall. The aim of this session is to give an expert insight into the POWERVR SGX and SGX MP Tile Based Deferred Rendering architecture and explain to developers how they can use the PVRTune analysis utility, and best programming practice, to optimize their applications for todays mobile devices. Read More

Khronos Invitation to GDC 2011

• Tags: Video WebGL Event GDC COLLADA

The Khronos Group invites you to attend GDC 2011, and visit The Khronos Group booth #1444. We will have lots of great news on WebGL, COLLADA and many of our other API's, and to pick up a free laminated reference card for many of our APIs! Read More

Android Developer Day at GDC introduces you to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) audio and OpenSL ES

• Tags: API android conference Gaming GDC OpenSL ES

Glenn Kasten and Jean-Michael Trivi both with Google, will be introducing you to the Android release 2.3 (Gingerbread) native audio APIs based on the Khronos Group OpenSL ES standard. Starting with a brief history of OpenSL ES and an introduction to the OpenSL ES object / interface model and initialization process, followed by the Android native audio APIs and their relation to standard OpenSL ES. Highlighted by some typical audio needs for game and other interactive apps with example code fragments for each use case. Be sure to make it to this programming tutorial on Tuesday March 1st from 10:00-5:00 in Room 121, North Hall. Read More

AMD OpenCL optimization case study for Support Vector Machine training

• Tags: GPU OpenCL

AMD offers a new Optimization case study. Examining key kernels utilized in a Quadratic Programming solver to optimize the evaluation of the Radial Basis Function SVM, results in improving performance by a factor of 5 compared to naive code running on an AMD Radeon™ HD 5870 GPU. Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are a widely used binary classification technique used to label data as belonging to one of two categories. Read More

Workstation hardware/software optimization panel discussion from Cadalyst

• Tags: OpenCL OpenGL

Experts CAD users join technical experts form SolidWorks, AMD and Dell in an open panel webinar to discuss optimizing your hardware and software setup. Bring your questions to ask the panel (OpenGL, OpenCL and remote graphics questions encouraged): Thursday February 17, at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST Read More

SRS Labs Launches Industry’s First Khronos OpenSL ES 1.1 Audio Solution

• Tags: android audio OpenSL ES

SRS Labs, Inc announced the availability of its SRS TruMedia™ audio enhancement technology suite for Android 2.3 mobile devices. SRS' TruMedia is the industry's first and only publicly offered audio technology suite designed specifically to be part of a solution of the recently-introduced Khronos OpenSL ES 1.1 standard. SRS' TruMedia Product is based on a published Khronos Specification, and is expected to pass the Khronos ConformanceTestingProcess. Current conformance status can be found at Read More

Altia announces new release of DeepScreen with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG

• Tags: OpenGL ES OpenVG

Altia Inc a provider of HMI engineering tools for embedded systems released Altia Design 9.2 DeepScreen 6.0 with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG. Altia’s toolkit allows users to build user interface models connected to a variety of simulation tools or C code to create a complex, user-driven model. Read More

Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite 1.2 now supports OpenGL ES and OpenVG

• Tags: OpenGL ES OpenVG macOS

An innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, Crank Software Inc. has released Storyboard Suite 1.2. Significant updates include added support for OpenGL ES and OpenVG and a Mac OS X version. Storyboard offers a single visual UI development environment allowing for faster throughput and collaboration. Read More

Symbio and drawElements to Improve Graphics Platform Reliability on Android

• Tags: graphics android windows drivers OpenGL ES

Symbio today announced it has partnered with drawElements to enable next generation high-end graphics in Android and Windows Phone 7 Series smartphones. Symbio will provide services built on top of the recently launched drawElements Quality Program (dEQP) that puts OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers to the test. Read More

Imagination submits POWERVR SGX cores for OpenCL conformance

• Tags: Conformance drivers powervr OpenCL

Imagination Technologies has announced that it has submitted POWERVR SGX drivers for OpenCL 1.0 Embedded Profile conformance with Khronos. OpenCL capability will be available to POWERVR SGX licensees with the latest release of production drivers. Read More

DMP announces a two day getting start GLSL Programming training course

• Tags: Training Courses OpenGL OpenGL ES GLSL

DMP has announced a new two day getting start GLSL Programming training course on April 14th and 15th 2011. This course introduces the world of programmable pipeline by explaining basic topics of the GLSL(OpenGL Shading Language) which is a core feature of OpenGL ES 2.x and OpenGL 2.x. The course is offered in Japan in Japanese. Read More

OpenCL Course in Haifa Israel

• Tags: Training Courses OpenCL

SagivTech, an Israeli based company, is offering an OpenCL course, 3-5 April in Haifa, Israel. More details are available on their website. Read More

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