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OpenWF overview presentation and Composition quick reference card now available

• Tags: OpenWF Reference Guides

The OpenWF Work Group has released an overview presentation of OpenWF as well as an OpenWF Composition quick reference card. Both are available for download today. Read More

VR Juggler version 3 released with OpenGL 3 support

• Tags: OpenGL VR

VR Juggler 3 is now available. VR Juggler 3.0 has a totally redesigned cluster infrastructure based on a formal client/server model and support for OpenGL 3.0 contexts as well as many other fixes and updates. VR Juggler provides a platform for virtual reality application development allowing a user to run an application on almost any VR system. Read More

Mobile Game Engine SIO2 version 2.x uses full GLES power, and is now available

• Tags: windows toolkit Gaming macOS

After months of work the new version of SIO2, the #1 game engine used by independent mobile game developers, is available for download. The core API has been rebuilt, and the engine is now available with many more features. The new version is twice as fast as the previous version, comes with a brand new SDK and comes with a FREE cross platform mobile game development tool chain allowing you to get started right away. Feature rich, extremely fast, flexible and scalable, SIO2 allows you to easily create professional 2D and 3D AAA game titles for your favorite mobile platform. Due to its unique core architecture, you get the opportunity to develop your mobile games on Mac OS X (XCode) and/or Windows (Visual C++). SIO2 is a cross platform state of the art 2D/3D game engine framework for mobile devices, that uses the power of OpenGL ES at its core to deliver lightning fast graphics. Read More

AMD intros new OpenCL Book at Khronos DevU at Tsinghua University

• Tags: SIGGRAPH Books DevU OpenCL

AMD to hand out free copies of their newly-published book "OpenCL programming on AMD CPU/GPUs" at the Khronos DevU on December 8th, and the December 9th Conference and Lunch. Errata: We had previously stated the book would be handed out at SIGGRAPH ASIA. In fact the book will be handed out at the Khronos DevU at Tsinghau University On December 8-9 2010. Read More

CMSoft releases Discrete Fourier Transform using FFT and OpenCL

• Tags:

CMSoft presents an easy-to-use powerful tool to compute the Discrete Fourier Transform using the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm with OpenCL, both single-precision and double-precision. Source code containing examples is available. Read More

The Battle for 3D on the Web: Flash vs WebGL

• Tags:

cnet's Deeptech is taking an indepth look at 3D on the web, Flash versus WebGL. With Flash's Molehill beta due out mid 2011, and WebGL 1.0 Spec due out shortly, the article covers most of the traditional arguments from both sides. Of note, Vladimir Vukicevic from Mozilla, states "it's unlikely that the standard will move from within Khronos, however we expect the standard to be published by both Khronos and eventually the W3C. We're working to make that happen in time for the 1.0 spec release." Read More

Export to COLLADA from ZBrush 4


ZBrush 4 allows COLLADA DEA format export for mesh in Second Life. ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program Read More

OpenCL enabled Clover branch of Mesa sees renewed interest and updates

• Tags: GPU mesa OpenCL phoronix

Two years ago Zack Rusin branched Mesa and called it Clover. Intended to provide OpenCL over Mesa, the work has been stalled for many months. A renewed interest in progressing work on Clover is now underway. Read More

ATI launches two new OpenGL 4.1 / OpenCL 1.1 ready mobile Radeon series GPUs

• Tags: GPU Mobile radeon OpenCL OpenGL

AMD just released Radeon HD 6000-series mobile model GPUs: the Radeon HD 6500M and Radeon HD 6300M. OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.1 support is included as well as DirectX compatibility. Read More

ZiiLabs releases 1Ghz ARM Cortex HD Media Rich Applications Processor with OpenGL ES 2.0 support

• Tags: Mobile OpenGL ES

Powered by a 1GHz Arm Cortex A8 processor, the ZMS-08 is targeted at media-rich applications, with low-power requirements for a netbook. ZiiLabs’ specification page claims the new chip does H.264 1080 decoding at 40MBPs, and includes support for OpenGL ES 2.0. Read More

DMP announces two new OpenGL ES Programming Courses for January 2011

• Tags: C Training Courses GLSL

DMP is proud to announce two all new OpenGL ES programming training courses. OpenGL ES programming training I and II will run January 13-14 and January 20-21 2010. Complete details are available online for the Training I and Training II courses in english, and in Japanese. Read More

NVIDIA releases CUDA Toolkit 3.2 with OpenCL support

• Tags: GPU cuda OpenCL

NVIDIA has released their CUDA Toolkit 3.2. Lots of new goodness in this version, with special note the new OpenCL support. This means you can now use one toolkit for both CUDA and OpenCL. Support is currently only for Linux and Windows. Read More

AMD intros new OpenCL Book at Khronos DevU at Tsinghua University

• Tags: Books DevU OpenCL

AMD to hand out free copies of their newly-published book "OpenCL programming on AMD CPU/GPUs" at the Khronos DevU on December 8th, and the December 9th Conference and Lunch. Read More

WebGLet - getting rid of the boring bits of WebGL

• Tags:

The first version of WebGLet, a javascript library for creating WebGL applications, is out. WebGLet helps with the boring bits of WebGL, making your life easier without tying you into a full scene graph engine. Read More

ARM Mali GPU Makes Advanced Graphics a Reality for All Consumers

• Tags: GPU mali OpenVG

ARM has announced the ARM® Mali™-300 graphics processing unit (GPU), supporting OpenGL® ES 2.0 and bringing High Definition (HD) graphics performance to entry-level and mid-range consumer devices.The Mali-300 GPU offers support for the Khronos industry standards OpenVG™ 1.1, and OpenGL® ES 1.1/2.0, in common with other ARM Mali GPUs. Read More

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