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NVIDIA and Sony Computer Electronic Inc. (SCEI) have become Khronos Promoting Members, gaining a seat on the Board of Directors that direct Khronos activities. CoreLogic, GiQuila, Nextreaming and Sasken Communication Technologies have become Khronos Contributing Members to participate in the ongoing development of open, royalty-free embedded media API standards. Harman/Becker has become a Khronos Adopter for OpenGL ES 1.0.

The Bitboys G40 is a fully programmable 2D, 3D and vector graphics processor with the OpenGL ES 2.0 feature set packed into a small design size with efficient memory bandwidth usage. Programmable vertex and pixel shaders provide for advanced photo-realistic rendering effects and unprecedented visual clarity.
The programmable pixel processor supports pixel shaders, per-pixel executed programs which allow content developers to generate such realistic-looking object surfaces as metals, woods, water, lighting effects and reflection. Booth #Booth 1047.


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