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Previzion is virtual set technology for broadcast field applications that combines live video input, keying, 3D background rendering, real time color correction, compositing, and live video output. It uses an OpenML internal media pipeline and is being demonstrated at NAB in booth SL5529 in the LVCC South Hall.

is being released as open source on Sourceforge. The OpenML specification provides software and hardware developers with a professional-grade, cross-platform, standardized media framework for the capturing, processing, synchronizing and playing of digital media content - including video, audio and 3D graphics - for authoring and content creation systems.

In Futuremark’s SPMark04 3D game test for handheld devices, Mali 100 from Falanx Microsystems, was certified to yield a performance of 39.9 frames per second at resolution 176 by 220 pixels. In comparison, current smart phones, with no hardware 3D acceleration, yield between 8 and 16 frames per second at resolution 176 by 144 pixels.


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