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Thread: opencl sobel filter and theory

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    opencl sobel filter and theory

    i would implement and modify(for my application)the sobel filter in opencl(i saw the example in the nvidia opencl sdk and works fine), but first i would understand the theory of the sobel filter .
    where i can read about the theory?in books or google?


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    Re: opencl sobel filter and theory

    Take a look at the Sobel Filter for some accessible background info, and at Image Convolution for more details about optimizing the kernel in OpenCL.

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    Re: opencl sobel filter and theory


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    Re: opencl sobel filter and theory

    I'm start reading, i have a doubt:
    for understand better the sobel filter:
    The matrix system is a method for gain-time for find the edges?
    isn't possible to test pixel for pixel the difference of color of neighbors pixels and see if it's in a range and if it is select the pixel?

    it's only a compute method?

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