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Thread: JSR 184 "Maximum Number Polys Per Scene"

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    JSR 184 "Maximum Number Polys Per Scene"

    I am designing and architecting a 3D mobile game using JSR 184. Broadly speakly, what are the maximum number of polygons per scene that can be processed and maintain superior frame rates.

    I know it this may be a device specific question but are there any general guide lines for this.

    Is it possible to determine this at runtime and then somehow throttle down number of polygons or perhaps decrease details or something?

    Erica A Ramsey
    Mobile Application Developer

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    Re: JSR 184 "Maximum Number Polys Per Scene"

    I don't know what this question has to do with OpenGL ES, but to get an idea of JSR184 performance check JBenchmark results.
    Georg Kolling, Imagination Technologies
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    Re: JSR 184 "Maximum Number Polys Per Scene"

    I friend of mine work with JSR 184 (aka M3G)... the main problem was the device's memory and not the fps but, this can change in differents devices with distincts configurations.

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