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Thread: eVC4 SP4 and gerbera API sample

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    eVC4 SP4 and gerbera API sample

    Is it possible to run the sample from the gerbera download on the contest page with Embeded Visual C v4 ? What are is the configuration and adjustments needed to be done?

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    Re: eVC4 SP4 and gerbera API sample


    The package is intended to be used with EVC4 SP4. You also have to have Pocket PC 2003 SDK installed to be able to compile the sample. The SDK can be found from

    Also, if you intend to run the sample on an actual Pocket PC 2003 device you should install ActiveSync 3.7.1 in order to transfer the files to the device. ActiveSync can be found from

    Hope this helps,
    o Sampo Lappalainen, Software Engineer
    o Hybrid Graphics, Ltd.

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