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  1. Tracing and Profiling GLES on Desktop GPUs?

    Could someone point me to a list of the options for either 1) tracing (generating GL call dumps), and/or 2) profiling GLES on desktop GPUs?

    I'm most interested in solutions for Windows on desktop...
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    Sticky: While we're getting our wish list together, how...

    While we're getting our wish list together, how about bindless vertex attribute and index lists? Minimizing time spent/wasted in the driver just getting ready to launch batches is even more...
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    Which CL device for GL context?

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I'm a bit confused as to how to get "the" OpenCL device associated with a specific GL context. clGetGLContextInfoKHR() returns a list of devices assocated...
  4. Re: Sharing textures with OpenCL (avoiding glFinish/clFinish

    Thanks. Did post on NVidia's site yesterday, but hadn't yet received a response. It's possible I haven't waited long enough.
  5. Sharing textures with OpenCL (avoiding glFinish/clFinish)

    Currently to pass a texture (or renderbuffer) to OpenCL for some fast crunching on the GPU, and to pass the result back to OpenGL, I'm doing:

    << generate with OpenGL >>[/*:m:v0r71341]
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    Re: Read GL depth buffer from OpenCL?

    Ok, thanks. I was hoping to get out of writing a redundant FLOAT color channel, doubling my write bandwidth, just to use OpenCL for this.
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    Read GL depth buffer from OpenCL?

    I want to do some post-processing on a OpenGL depth buffer with OpenCL.

    However, AFAICT, OpenCL can't do this. Is this true? If so, what's the simplest way to shim this so OpenCL will work?
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    Re: Can the GPUs be leaveraged differently

    I'm not even an OpenCL newbie yet, but...

    Happened to notice a while back while reading the NVidia Fermi whitepaper that it supports Concurrent Kernel Execution. This sounds like what you're...
  9. Re: Canvas 3D: can't get a native PBuffer... (firefox-3.7a6)

    Fetched the 6/17 3.7a6 snap from here, and I can confirm that a few of the WebGL Wiki Demos work now (so some improvement), but most still do not.

    Those that do work are a less jerky, but still...
  10. Re: Canvas 3D: can't get a native PBuffer... (firefox-3.7a6)

    It really looks like the older Firefox builds that work are using the NVidia driver not Mesa. lsof reveals that<nvidia_version> is linked into the firefox-bin executable. Also, I don't...
  11. Re: Canvas 3D: can't get a native PBuffer... (firefox-3.7a6)

    Very nice! Chromium WebGL is smooth (unlike Firefox 3.7a5 5/11/10) and all the demos work (also unlike Firefox). Hope Firefox WebGL improves before release as I and everyone I know are hooked on it.
  12. Re: Canvas 3D: can't get a native PBuffer... (firefox-3.7a6)

    That was the ticket. Thanks!

    Even with 3.7a5 (5/11/10) only some demos work, so I'll flip over and give Chromium a shot.
  13. Re: Canvas 3D: can't get a native PBuffer... (firefox-3.7a6)

    And if the former, how do I debug this? Thanks.

    (Sys info: webgl.enabled_for_all_sites = true. glxinfo, glxgears, and my GL apps work fine. NVidia GTX285 with drivers. OpenSuSE...
  14. Canvas 3D: can't get a native PBuffer... (firefox-3.7a6)

    Friend told me Firefox WebGL had improved, so I retried and get this for everything WebGL (e.g. particles demo):

    This demo requires a WebGL-enabled browser.

    In Error log console:
    Canvas 3D:...
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