Contributor Members

Any company is encouraged to Join the Khronos Group to participate in the development of open standards for mobile and desktop media technologies.

Three levels at which an individual, company or academic institution can participate in Khronos Group activity:

  • Academic Members - have full API working group participation but no voting rights.
  • Contributor Members - have full API working group participation and voting rights, and generous marketing benefits.
  • Promoter Members - act as the "Board of Directors" to set the direction of the Group, with final specification ratification voting rights.
  • Member List - View a current, text list of Khronos members


TES Electronic Solutions is a global design services and manufacturing company involved in developing key technologies that enable high quality graphics rendering in embedded solutions . Graphics IPs from TES encompass rendering , HMI development & product realization. D/AVE 2D & 3D IPs offer sub-pixel accurate rendering, antialiased graphics, perspective blits, texture compression, bilinear filtering and many other features for FPGA and ASIC implementation. eVRU [ embedded vector rendering unit ] is a TI DaVinci DSP based rendering unit. A subset of OpenGL-ES API accompany these offerings.To compliment rendering technology, TES offers GUIliani is a cross-platform C++ HMI framework that can work with various native graphics API like OpenGL, OpenGL-ES, SDL. Other offerings from TES include DECT , UWB, Bluetooth stacks, Multimedia IPs and a range of services from Telematics, Wireless, turn key ASIC design and Manufacturing & Design Services.   For more information, please visit