Contributor Members

Any company is encouraged to Join the Khronos Group to participate in the development of open standards for mobile and desktop media technologies.

Four levels at which an individual, company or academic institution can participate in Khronos Group activity:

  • Promoter Members - Board Approval Required. Full working group participation and voting rights PLUS the right to designate a Director to the Khronos Board.
  • Contributor Members - Available to any entity that wishes to join. Have full working group participation and voting rights.
  • Associate Members - Available to companies with fewer than 20 employees. Have full working group participation but without working group voting rights.
  • Academic Members - Available to accredited Academic Institutions. Have full working group participation but without working group voting rights.
  • Member List - View a current, text list of Khronos members


RTT leads in professional high-end 3D visualization in realtime, turning it into a process-changing key technology for its clients. As a strategic partner to our customers, we offer sustainable, effective and seamless process support across the entire product lifecycle. RTT’s unique portfolio of high-end technology, with DeltaGen® as its core product, supports a large scale of customer driven use cases: from photorealistic image creation for show cases, print and movie productions to realtime, OpenGL driven solutions like product configurators and immersive environments. Using OpenGL as a key technology, we are enthusiastic to involve ourselves proactively to define future standards together with Khronos Group.   For more information, please visit