Membership Benefits

There are three memberships levels at which an individual or company can participate in Khronos Group activity, each with its own set of benefits:

  • Academic Members - have full API working group participation but no voting rights.
  • Contributor Members - have full API working group participation and voting rights, and generous marketing benefits.
  • Promoter Members - act as the "Board of Directors" to set the direction of the Group, with final specification ratification voting rights.

Membership Level and Benefits

  Promoter Contributor Academic
Develop Products
Access to the public Khronos Specifications, documentation and support files Y Y Y
Develop license-free, royalty-free products using Khronos Technologies Y Y Y
Work Group Participation      
Early access to the draft specifications Y Y Y
Access and participate in development of Conformance Test source
(If signed Conformance Test Source License Agreement)
Join specification Work Groups and participate via email lists Y Y Y
Attend Face to Face Meetings Y Y Y
Join in weekly Teleconferences Y Y Y
Can be elected as Work Group Chair Y Y Y
Browse Work Group Email archives Y Y Y
Vote in Work Group Level Ratification of the Specification Y Y N
Set The Standards
Initiate new Working Groups to develop new API standards Y N N
Seat on the Board of Directors to define the objectives, priorities and operations of the Khronos Group Y N N
Final Ratification of the Specification Y N N
Conformance Testing
Submit products to the conformance process
(Must sign Adopter agreement and pay Conformance Testing fee)
Conformant Product can use API Trademark
(Must pass conformance tests)
Speaking and presentation opportunities at industry trade events & seminars Y Y Y
Opportunity to mention products and be quoted in Khronos press releases, articles, and newsletters Y Y Y
Company logo and description on Khronos web site Y Y Y
Listing on Consumer Product Database Y Y Y

Please see Member Agreement for details

levels of membership

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