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Khronos Online and Social Media

Look to Khronos for the latest news about its APIs, from upcoming events and webinars, to new drivers, members, implementations, and more. Do you have Khronos technology-related news? We want to help spread the word! We have a very active online presence, with great traffic on our websites and many highly-ranked social media channels.

Khronos Websites

News about Khronos and its APIs is prominently featured on the Khronos websites. If you have Khronos related news, press releases, event announcements, or social media posts to share, share it with us and we’ll help spread the word: our sites gets you a lot of views! Use one or more of the links below to help us increase the visibility of your news.

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Khronos Social Media

Keep up to the minute with news from Khronos by following us in social media. If you have Khronos technology-related news you’d like us to share, we can multiply it across our social media channels to help pass it along. Take a moment to follow or like us, and join in the conversation on one or more of the following social media accounts.