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Blog Post Sharing Guidelines

How many followers do you or your company have? Sharing increases views, interaction, and attention to Khronos and its standards, and brings the opportunity to engage with the community. Khronos also shares all blog posts to our social media channels. While this is of course optional, we suggest you share the post where you’re most active.

Khronos Social Media Presence

Khronos social media outlets have a strong base:





30,000+ followers

Nine Twitter profiles by standard (see all here)

Over 3,000 followers

Group: 1600 members Company: 400 followers

Our newsletter distribution has over 11,000 subscribers

View all Khronos Social Media profiles.

Share on Twitter

  1. Share the title of the post, a key point, why you think it’s important, etc.
  2. Use tags to increase the exposure of your tweet:
    1. @TheKhronosGroup
    2. Relevant Khronos API Twitter account (see all here)
    3. The author’s tag, if applicable
  3. Add hashtags of relevant topics such as:
    1. #VR #AR #VirtualReality
    2. #machinelearning #AI
    3. #gamedev
    4. #3D
    5. #ADAS
    6. Relevant trade show/event official hashtag
    7. Some Khronos standards only use hashtags and don’t have profiles
  4. Add the link to the blog post; use the Khronos short link (which will be provided to you)
  5. Add a photo if one doesn’t auto-load from the link.
  6. Then, engage:
    1. Retweet Khronos’ tweets about the post
    2. Engage with replies to your and Khronos’ tweet
    3. Like replies
    4. Retweet others who post about the blog

Share on LinkedIn

  1. Keep your profile up-to-date, noting how you’re involved with Khronos
  2. Share the blog post link, update/add an image
  3. Add a caption to tell readers why they should read it, why you wrote about it, why it’s important, etc.
  4. Tag the Khronos Company LinkedIn page
  5. Add relevant hashtags: #machinelearning #AI #VR #virtualreality #3D etc.
  6. Engage with the community: reply to comments, and like other posts sharing it
  7. Discuss: post the blog in the Khronos LinkedIn Group, discuss and engage.
  8. For authors of the blog post, share it on LinkedIn InPublishing:
  • Write a summary of the blog post and why you wrote it
  • Post to LinkedIn publishing and link to the post on the Khronos blog.